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30 Elegant Bedroom Decor Ideas That You Will Love – Who does not want to have a beautiful and comfortable bedroom. If you are one of those who like elegant concepts, then this article will be perfect for you. An elegant bedroom does have a more different atmosphere. And to make it easier for you to have the elegant bedroom that you want, in this article, we have provided 30 Elegant Bedroom Decor Ideas That You Will Love. So, let’s check it out!

1. Elegant Bedroom with Beautiful Coastal Wall Decor

coastal wall decor
Cc: Pinterest

Presenting coastal decoration is not only in a coastal design room. In fact, elegant bedrooms also look attractive with coastal decorations.

If we look at the picture above, 9 kinds of coastal decorations are neatly arranged in 3 rows so that they are formed like a square. Each frame is given a glass that makes it look glossy when exposed to light from pendant lighting.

It is appropriate to place this coastal decoration on the wall above the headboard. So that this one decoration will appear more standout and become the main decoration that gives beauty to the bedroom with an elegant concept.

2. Exclusive Contemporary Modern Bedroom

exclusive contemporary elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 30 Elegant Bedroom Decor Ideas That You Will Love is an exclusive contemporary modern bedroom. Beautiful accent walls are the main thing that makes this bedroom look elegant. The bedroom looks exclusive with a touch of gold on the pendant lamp which is hung just above the side table. This one bedroom is decorated with LED lighting with dimmer lighting. So that the bedroom atmosphere feels more calm and warm.

3. Elegant Master Bedroom in Black Nuance

elegant master bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

For men who are looking for elegant bedroom ideas with dark and masculine shades, this idea will be very interesting to try. Black is the main color for the bedroom. Even so, the help of natural lighting from the large windows does not make this bedroom look dark, cramped, and stuffy. LED lighting on the walls gives a more elegant and modern effect for this black nuances bedroom. The addition of wood elements will provide a warmer and calmer atmosphere. So that the elegant bedroom in black nuances will feel comfortable.

4. Immaculate White Bedroom

elegant bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Never hesitate to apply white to the entire bedroom. Because white will really help to make the room feel more spacious. Which you can use to create a more elegant bedroom appearance.

The attractive wall accent applied to this one bedroom gives the illusion of a taller wall. So that the elegant bedroom will look wider. The unique pendant lamp makes this white bedroom look more attractive and far from being stiff.

5. Bright Elegant Bedroom

bright elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Some people may think that a small bedroom will be difficult to make look elegant. If you are one of them, after seeing this one idea, your assumptions will be erased.

An elegant bedroom does not always have to be decorated with something that looks expensive. You can use white and natural lighting to make your bedroom look wider. Then, decorate the bedroom with some minimalist and modern-style furniture as in the picture above.

6. Look Elegant in Classic Style

elegant bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Classic design and style have always been a mainstay for those of you who want the interior to look elegant and exclusive. The carving on the ceiling and walls, which is the characteristic of a classic design, will really help to make the bedroom look elegant. Not only that, some classic-style furniture is the main thing to create an elegant appearance in the room. You can add recessed lighting to emphasize the elegant look.

7. Soft-Tones Elegant Bedroom

soft-tones elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 30 Elegant Bedroom Decor Ideas That You Will Love is a soft-tones elegant bedroom. The combination of gray, brown, and beige colors makes the room feel so calm and warm. A touch of black gives it a slightly bolder look. So that the bedroom will look elegant.

The simple and modern pendant lighting that hangs on the right and left sides of the bed is a decoration that makes this room look so beautiful. A bed design like the picture above is the main thing in creating an elegant and calm bedroom appearance.

8. Marble Accent Make It Looks Beautiful

marble accent
Cc: Pinterest

Actually, it is very easy to create an elegant bedroom. Besides the classic designs that you can choose for the bedroom interior, you can also add marble elements to the room. Beautiful marble colors and accents will really help increase the beauty and also look expensive and elegant in the bedroom. You can add LED lighting to make the marble accent look more stand out in this room.

9. Look Luxury with Large Mirror

elegant luxury bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

A small bedroom is indeed difficult to look elegant if it is not made to feel wider. Besides applying white, you can also add a mirror in the bedroom. The wall mirror that is applied to the right and left sides of the bed is the right decoration. Besides beautifying the appearance of the bedroom, it also makes the bedroom look brighter and wider.

10. Elegant Gray Bedroom Nuances

elegant gray bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

An elegant gray bedroom nuance becomes the next of 30 Elegant Bedroom Decor Ideas That You Will Love. Gray will give a slightly cooler yet calming feel.

This elegant bedroom idea presents a little industrial style which actually makes it look different and more attractive. Starting from the cement wall texture which gives a more natural gray color. Plus LED lighting is installed on the side of the cement wall texture, making it appear more stand out. Not only that, but you can also feel the industrial style from the bulb pendants that are installed on the right and left sides of the bed.

11. Soothing Elegant Bedroom

soothing elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

This one elegant bedroom idea looks more feminine. With soft colors and pastel pink, the bedroom feels calmer and more comfortable. There are no wall decorations that disturb the peace of the bedroom. Because the board batten is enough to make this elegant bedroom look attractive. Plus the shelves are equipped with LED lighting which makes the room look more attractive and also from a stiff impression.

12. Elegant Bedroom for Your Kids

elegant kid bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The number of children’s toys may make it difficult for you to create a kid bedroom that looks elegant. Therefore, this one idea is worth choosing and trying. The velvet fabric in pastel pink is applied to the wall. Some furniture such as chairs and beds have colors with the same material.

You can add a carpet of the same color to make a kid’s bedroom look and feel wider. And then, make some of your child’s favorite dolls as displays and decorations to make the bedroom look beautiful and aesthetic.

13. Small Elegant Bedroom for Twin

small elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

You can conjure up the small room as a room for your two children. You can even create a very attractive elegant appearance. With a wall mural like the picture above, it really helps to beautify the bedroom and make it look aesthetic. With this, wall decoration is no longer needed. The selected chandelier looks so enchanting. And lastly, a thick carpet to decorate the floor can make the bedroom look and feel more spacious.

14. Feel Fresh with Green Touch

green elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

This elegant bedroom may look simple. However, even so, this one bedroom also has an elegant appearance. The green color is presented to give a fresher effect to the bedroom. So that the bedroom feels more comfortable.

The low-profile bed was chosen to give the illusion of higher walls. With this, the bedroom will look and feel more spacious and elegant.

15. Beautiful Pink Elegant Bedroom

pink elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 30 Elegant Bedroom Decor Ideas That You Will Love is a beautiful pink elegant bedroom. This one idea is perfect for you women who want an elegant bedroom with a more feminine appearance. The pink color chosen for this idea tends to be softer. So that the atmosphere of the bedroom will feel more comfortable. A touch of gold on some furniture gives a more expensive effect.

16. Parisian Bedroom Inspiration

Parisian room style
Cc: Pinterest

Paris’s interior design is very distinctive and different from the others. At first glance, it might look like a classic design. However, the interior of Paris (Parisian) looks like a kingdom. Besides beautiful carvings that make it look expensive, the furniture with a special design makes this one bedroom look beautiful and expensive. And what makes this room look attractive is the large blue carpet with beautiful floral motifs that almost cover the entire floor.

17. Elegant Bedroom in Masculine Nuance

masculine room nuances
Cc: Pinterest

This one bedroom idea chose gray as the main color. So, the bedroom display does not look bright but also does not look dark. A touch of glam black color gives a more assertive effect. The modern and black furniture design makes this bedroom look masculine.

The large crystal chandelier that hangs right above the bed successfully makes this bedroom look so expensive. Even so, you can also feel the serenity of the wood elements that are applied to the walls and floors.

18. Pretty Elegant Bedroom

pretty room decor
Cc: Pinterest

This one bedroom may tend to be small. Even so, this bedroom looks so beautiful and elegant. The soft white color makes the bedroom look bright and calm. A little touch of black on the table lamp gives a slightly more assertive effect. What makes this bedroom look beautiful is the soft pink color that adorns the walls. Not only that but the bedroom is also decorated with some beautiful flowers in a vase.

19. Elegant in Simple Ways

simple room decor
Cc: Pinterest

Want to have an elegant bedroom but in a simple way? Then you can choose this one idea and apply it to your bedroom. Starting from the bed with a canopy that is so unique and interesting. And then the large windows that maximize natural lighting. Not only that, window decorations aka large beige curtains are very successful in making this simple bedroom look elegant.

20. Attractive Bed Canopy

bed canopy
Cc: Pinterest

The bed is the main item in the bedroom. Which design will greatly affect the beauty and appearance of this room.

In making the bedroom look elegant, you can install a canopy bed accompanied by curtains. It will also really help to make the bedroom look more aesthetic and different.

21. Elegant Small Bedroom with Gold Touch

elegant small bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Besides the classic style and marble accent, you can also rely on gold to create an elegant bedroom. As in the image above, which applies the gold color in a scattered manner. Starting from the decorations for the table side, the wall accent, even the pendant lamps. Maximum lighting assistance from the lamp makes the gold color appear so stand out, glossy, and dazzling.

22. Beautiful Wall Mural

beautiful wall mural
Cc: Pinterest

In creating an elegant bedroom, excessive use of wall decorations is really avoided. Usually, a board batten or marble wall is a very popular accent wall for an elegant room. However, in this idea, the wall mural is no less interesting. A simple wall mural like the picture above makes the bedroom look very attractive. Coupled with LED lighting with yellow lighting mounted on the side. Make the colors and wall murals look more stand out in the bedroom.

23. Dark Green Velvet Make It Glorious

dark green velvet decor
Cc: Pinterest

Velvet fabric is a material that you can rely on to create an elegant and expensive bedroom. As in the picture above, the dark green velvet is very successful in making this one bedroom look so charming. The lighting from the pedant lamps above and on the left and right of the bed makes the green color look more vivid.

24. Elegant and Luxurious Small Bedroom

elegant and luxurious small bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

This one bedroom idea actually tends to use brown shades with soft tones. Even so, this small bedroom looks so elegant and luxurious thanks to the wall mirrors on the left and right sides of the headboard. Plus, pendant lamps that are like crystals are hung on the side of the bed.

25. Modern Pendant Light is Everything

modern pendant lights
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 30 Elegant Bedroom Decor Ideas That You Will Love is modern pendant lights that make the bedroom is everything. Actually, this idea tends to have a simple concept. Even so, modern pendant lamps with large sizes have succeeded in turning the simple bedroom into an aesthetic and attractive bedroom.

26. Minimalist Elegant Bedroom

minimalist elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

You can also make a minimalist bedroom elegant. With white as the main color and natural lighting, the bedroom will look more spacious. And the elegant appearance of the bedroom comes from the selected bed type. The low-profile bed gives the illusion of higher walls. And the timber wall accent is applied to half the wall, making it look so attractive.

The lights used in this one bedroom are only two pendant lamps on the left and right sides of the bed and also recessed lighting fixtures. So, when at night, the bedroom will have a calming and comfortable atmosphere.

27. Wood Wall Accent Make It Warm

wood wall accent
Cc: Pinterest

This simple bedroom doesn’t have much decoration. So the bedroom may look stiff. However, the wall accent succeeded in eliminating the stiff impression in the bedroom. In fact, the wood wall accent provides a warmer tone that makes the bedroom feel more comfortable.

The wood accent is equipped with LED lamps mounted behind it. So, the bedroom will look more aesthetic and charming at night.

28. Pretty Elegant Kid Bedroom with Animal Wall Mural

animal wall mural
Cc: Pinterest

To make your child feel at home in their bedroom, you can add some toys or maybe pictures that your child likes. For example, in this idea, which uses a wall mural with an animal painting to decorate the bedroom wall. The painting of giraffes, birds, flamingos, and so on are quite helpful to create a more pleasant atmosphere in the elegant bedroom.

29. Modern and Minimalist

modern and minimalist elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

At first glance, this one bedroom may look so simple and rigid. Because only rely on white and gray to decorate the room. Even so, the modern accent wall equipped with LED lighting has succeeded in making this minimalist bedroom look attractive. You can also find lamps with yellow lighting in the corners of the room that evoke a calming atmosphere.

30. Industrial Elegant Bedroom Design

industrial elegant bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 30 Elegant Bedroom Decor Ideas That You Will Love is an industrial elegant bedroom design. The minimalist industrial style has succeeded in making this small bedroom look attractive.

The black and gray colors chosen to decorate the room make the atmosphere feel calmer, more assertive, and a little cooler. What’s interesting about this one bedroom is the exposed brick wall, which is the characteristic of the industrial style, which adorns one side of the bedroom wall.

Final Words

Elegant bedrooms do look more charming and different. The atmosphere provided is more luxurious and also calm. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people want to make their bedrooms look elegant. And to make it easier for you to have your dream bedroom, here we provide some references that you can choose from. The points above are 30 Elegant Bedroom Decor Ideas That You Will Love. So, make sure you choose an idea that fits your characteristics. So, happy trying and good luck guys!

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