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Gain Inner Peace In Our Garden With Aesthetic Japanese Tea House Designs – After the covid-19 pandemic shaking our life, we need such a relief relaxing place in our home! Spending time outdoor while enjoying mother nature is a real retreat that we need! No matter the small or large outdoor space we have, here we have the chance to make a perfect place to relax. Figuring out the garden design that could transform our backyard space to gain inner peace in our garden. Our decision fall into aesthetic Japanese garden style complete with tea house design, water feature, rock garden landscaping.

The paperwork overwhelming you making the hassle and uncomfortable feel. That means you need to meditate, take a little bit of time, just slow down at work to recharge energy and create an impactful comeback. Featuring an aesthetic Japanese tea house design here’s we will feel relaxed! After knowing the goal of decorating the peaceful garden, now it’s time to keep your concern by seeing and learning the designs!

What are the tea house and its significance?

The tea house is the traditional building set in the garden aiming to hold a tea ceremony. In Japan, it takes a significant role. Its presence is aiming to create a bonding between the host and the guest, so they have a private spot to welcome guests.

Talking about Japanese tea houses, we cannot forget the Zen monks who take tea tradition from China to Japan. The Monks believe in building a special place to just enjoy a cup of tea. Someone will feel more relaxed and such a good purifies and meditation place. In Japan, people love calm and respect nature, so, the monks think creating a tea house here is ideal! Now, the tea room is quite popular not only in authentic Japanese gardens but also adopted by many people across the globe!

Japanese Tea House Design With Koi Pond

Japanese tea house above the pond

A water feature is one of the most important elements in a Japanese garden. Water is the source of life, that is why its substance needed to be presented in landscaping too. Creating the Koi Pond making the Japanese tea house design look more beautiful and convenient.

This Japanese tea house was built with a wooden structure, there is only a wooden bench inside to provide sitting. Making the interior decor stand out in simplicity and functionality is the key to creating a meditation room. Imagining sitting in this tea house drinking a cup of green tea. In addition, the green lush plants surround and the beautiful koi fish running in and out in the clear water pond. It’s such a perfect place to gain inner peace in our garden!

Roji – “The wet garden”

roji lush wet garden with tea house design

Every object and style in the Japanese garden has its function and name. In the picture above, we can see the essence of a wet garden that is called roji. The wet meaning coming from the moist and green lush garden decor. The moss is spread over the ground it creates a moist and refreshing look.

The tea house is commonly set at the corner in roji garden style. The lush green trees give the shade and hide the house, it creates perfect privacy for the homeowner, especially if you need to relax. The quiet, calm, and relaxing ambiance giving an impactful result to clean and create a positive vibe in our minds!

Traditional Japanese tea room

Traditional Japanese tea room interior design

Holding the minimalism core in creating convenient and functional home ideas. In this traditional tea room design, there is a mat spread on the floor called tatami, it’s very well known and we could easily find in traditional Japanese home feature. Then, this room provides enough lighting, complete with tea sets and a table to enjoy drinking matcha (green tea) time, it’s so relaxing!

Modern Japanese tea house design

modern Japanese tea house floating design

The Japanese custom in drinking tea and their architectural design attract lots of attention from people around the globe. For such this modern Japanese tea house floating design looking so cool! The glass window has been installed all around the building. The minimalist flat roof and floating structure decor make this meditation room so appealing. Enjoying the natural beauty around through the transparent view by full-height windows!

 Japanese tea sets

Japanese tea sets

Stepping inside the meditation place, we will find the tea sets included the friendly strainer inside the teapot and two cups. There are various Japanese tea sets styles made from ceramic, clay, or hardwood. But most used tea sets all around Japan are made from ceramic. Commonly, they have two rooms inside a tea house, the small room use to keep the utensils and for preparation. Then another room is aiming to welcome guests.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese tea ceremony

Tea is a popular beverage and it’s been a custom to Japanese. It’s been known that Kyoto, the city in Japan produces quality green tea. It uses a lot in tea ceremonies throughout Japan. The tea has been ground into a powder and called matcha. This matcha powder is exactly used in the ceremony.

Hosting the guest by giving a cup of tea is something respected. Before we entering the tea room, we have to wash down our feet and mouth, so we’re ready to enter the tatami (rug). Then the tea master will clean all the stuff for such teapots, the cups and wash her/his hands on the basin before she’s doing the ritual. Pouring the green tea into the pot and then infuse with hot water, mix it with the special shaker gently move. Then pour the tea into the bowl. When the tea master gives the tea to us, we have to show our good etiquette, by kneeling position and raised the bowl as gratitude for having a good tea from the master. Usually, the tea master wearing kimono, a traditional Japanese cloth. In addition, the sweet dessert is given to balance the bitterness of green tea itself.

The presentation, gentle movement, and showcasing such a good attitude only for serving a cup of tea are incredible. An awesome tea ceremony from Japan that teaches us to respect and raised gratitude to nature that gives us life. The gentle movement and respectful serving of tea is the way that they embrace an abundance of good tea they get. If you wanna have experienced an awesome tea ceremony, you can come to Kyoto, where this bold drinking tea custom coming from!

Impactful Japanese garden structure on creating a powerful calming ambiance!

meditation in Japanese garden

Being close to nature is an impactful tool to recharge our energy and gain inner peace in our souls. Drinking a cup of Japanese tea and provide the essential candlelight to create a soothing aromatic environment. Moreover, being invisible for a while from the hectic city life by hiding ourselves in the lush Japanese garden structure. The natural landscape that features green lush decoration, display rock garden and showcases water feature. What an impactful and powerful garden landscaping style that offers calming ambiance!


Matcha is one of the most favorites beverages to the Japanese. The quality green tea produce from Kyoto. It has the perfect green color tone and shoots that give a strong aroma and appearance to Japanese green tea products. Having top-quality tea makes this one type is commonly used for tea ceremonies throughout Japan.

Drinking green tea in a proper amount per day is well-known to raise a calming effect in our minds. So, that Japanese love to drink tea to cleanse up their mind while enjoying the natural landscape is an actual calming retreat!

In this writing, we have shared with you a few tea houses Japanese style from traditional to modern design. We are highlighting the tea house interior design is holding the simplicity and functionality minimalism concept. There is no unnecessary stuff keep set in the interior. The full decoration will give the clutter and cramp feeling. So, keep the space free from cluttered decor to achieve a relaxing meditation place! The tea house is not only built for enjoying a cup of tea. More than that, it is the functional space in the garden to welcome the guest and a great place for meditation alone!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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