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Reinforce The Green Living Space With Japanese Rock Garden Landscaping Ideas – Do you feel calm already when seeing the Japanese garden landscaping style? Well, we can’t deny that the Japanese garden is well decorated in natural accent and minimalist Zen Philosophy. Creating the balance of natural living space to create a cozy Japanese home design is quite essential!

Designing a Japanese garden, we cannot leave behind the important aspect of Zen philosophy. Creating a comfortable living space that highly respects nature. So, we have to make sure to keep maintain our garden in a natural look. To keep the subtle, relaxing Japanese garden structure design. We can present three major decorations in our landscaping garden. First of all, reinforce the green living space by adding some lush green plants. Then, adding the rock landscaping to keep it real nature look-alike landscaping style. Lastly, the essence of the water feature is quite fundamental in the Japanese garden style. Water is the source of life, so bringing water element will make our garden more alive!

Ocean waves Japanese rock garden style

Ocean waves Japanese rock garden style

Japanese garden will always symbolize a natural look. The wave of the ocean, the riverbank, and the lust rainforest style. Those are all types of Japanese garden landscaping styles. But now, we will be focusing on the Japanese rock garden landscaping style. In the picture above, we can see the circular gravel decorated around the rocks. It symbolizes the waves of the ocean. Setting up a few large stones on the ground and there are stacks of stone to create a mountain setting. For the ocean landscape, we can use gravel and spread it to cover all areas of the rock garden we want to create. Then, we can use the sand rakes and gently move the sand rakes to create perfect circular sea waves like. One thing we have noticed, it looks easier to imitate the waves by moving the sand rakes to create circular waves. But, in fact, it is harder than we think, there need true patience and skill to master curated ocean waves Japanese style! To create the green living space in our aesthetic backyard garden, we can grow some plants to refreshen the look!

Gravel mountain landscaping style

gravel mountain Japanese landscaping style

As we alluded to earlier, the Japanese garden always capturing a natural look to keep their garden in style. In the picture above, there are some conical shapes around the gravel spread. It represents the mountain landscaping style, in Japanese culture, the conical garden shape symbolizes Mount Fuji. In addition, we can also create a circular shape down below the mountain to create the ocean look. It’s an affordable landscaping style you can try in your garden. We are pretty sure, this will elevate the natural beauty of your aesthetic garden!

Calmness and mindful rock garden landscaping

calmness mindful Japanese garden landscaping style

If you need a relaxing outdoor space in your garden, then you need some decoration! Figuring out what types of decoration we need to create an awesome natural relaxing view. We found out that the Japanese rock garden landscaping style is so aesthetic. Setting up the large stepping stone to guide your way inside the garden. Using the large stones create for stepping can be a good idea in creating an aesthetic garden path. Surround this stepping stone, we can spread rocks or gravel to bold the rock landscaping style. Installing the privacy wall and added some lush plants and trees will make us fall into real relaxation!

Mini rock garden style

mini rock garden style

We should not have a large garden space to create an aesthetic Japanese garden essential. If you have a large clay pot, we can replicate Japanese rock garden landscaping in the pot. For such spreading gravel, and then add a few bigger stones to define mini landscaping. In addition, we can put some moss and shrubs to reinforce the green living space look. We can DIY it and we don’t need too much effort in making this beautiful Japanese rock garden. This is an affordable landscaping style if you have a small garden space, but still, you have the aesthetic of the minimalist zen rock garden ideas!

Peaceful paradise garden landscaping style

peaceful Japanese garden landscaping style

The cherry blossoms trees over the curated rock garden landscaping style create absolute beauty and perfection. The mindful aspect of Zen rock garden landscaping style meets the pop color saturation made from Cherry blossoms tree that bloom every spring. This decoration creates a peaceful paradise garden look! Would you like to have this scenic view every spring season?

Creating a shade in the rock garden is so calming!

Relaxing Japanese rock garden landscaping with shrubsThe combination of clean line rock garden style and then combine with Japanese shade plants create an absolutely relaxing and calming ambiance in our garden! These gorgeous green shrubs are called Hakone plants. It is the native Japanese shrubs that potentially thrive in the partial shade of the sun! Stacking the large stones to create an impactful rock garden landscaping. Then, combine with green decoration, for such this shrubs to give the refreshen up the look. This two combination is a great combo to reinforce the green living space look in our property!

Create a rich spectrum of green hues with moss!

create green space with moss landscaping style

Green is the color of nature! We agree on that, imagining the lush rainforest setting makes us fall into a magical calming sensation! Home gardeners, we can create a fantastic relaxing look by combining moss and rock landscaping. We can set some rocks around the shaded place, so the moss will thrive happily. They do also need the sun to live, so, we think the partial shade of the sun is enough to keep the moss grow. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that we have to maintain the area moistly. Watering the rocks and some plants around regularly, especially when it comes to summer, watering the plants is so essential. When the moss already covered the whole surface of rocks, the rich spectrum of green hues we can get. Keep the moss in good shape, so it gives the minimalist green landscaping.


The Japanese garden is well-known for its beautiful natural look and mindful landscaping ideas. There is some Japanese rock garden style that symbolizes nature. From above, we can see the conical shape of gravel represents the mountain. The circular gravel design embraces the wave of the ocean. Then the green shrubs combine with rock landscaping giving the natural relaxing scenery. So, these are Japanese rock garden styles we have shared with you. We hope you enjoy it and let’s do the affordable and outstanding Japanese landscaping style immediately!

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