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6 Cleaning Hacks for a Faster Routine

Getting moving on cleaning day can be overwhelming if you know you have a ton to do. It’s hard to get started when it feels like you’ll never see the end. Luckily, some crafty cleaning hacks have been developed to shorten your time spent cleaning so you can get back to doing the more important things in life. From storing your eco-friendly laundry products in a way that makes sense, to making better use of your dishwasher, these six cleaning hacks are sure to speed up your cleaning routine.

1. Make a Cleaning Caddy

Cleaning Caddy fully loaded

Having all your typical cleaning products in one portable container is a game changer. Start by listing the cleaning products you use every time you clean. You’ll want to think about just the items you need for cleaning things like countertops, bathroom surfaces, sinks, floors, and dusty places. Leave out anything that typically stays in one area of the house, like your eco-friendly laundry detergent. Having all your cleaning products in one location might seem intuitive, but you don’t want to carry unnecessary items around.

Gather up everything on your list and see how much space they take up together. Find a container, like a mop bucket with a handle or other easily portable bin, to comfortably store your cleaners and cleaning tools. Make sure you have enough space that everything is easily accessible. This will reduce the time it takes to find your cleaning products and keep you on track as you move around your home to clean.

2. Lighten Your Loads

It may sound backward, but you can actually save time by doing smaller loads of laundry. Laundry is the ultimate multi-task, which means you can do a number of other things while your laundry is washing and drying. Smaller loads allow your items to move more freely and not be so tightly packed. This means they actually get cleaner and dry faster. You won’t need to restart the dryer five times to get one single load dry, which reduces your frustration and means you can start your next load sooner.

You can also revamp your laundry routine by using laundry detergent sheets and dryer balls. Using laundry detergent sheets cuts down on mess and time by removing the need to measure messy liquid detergent. They can be conveniently stored and take less effort to use than trying to lift huge jugs of detergent. Dryer balls are reusable, so you’ll never reach into the box only to find you’re out of dryer sheets again. You’ll be surprised at how much easier laundry is after making these simple switches!

3. Steam Your Microwave

Cleaning the microwave can be such a pain, especially if you have kiddos who forget to cover their food when heating it up. It takes a lot of elbow grease to scrub down the walls and ceiling of the microwave. The good news is, there’s a hack for that. Start by wiping out any loose crumbs in your microwave. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda (or lemon juice if you want a lemony-fresh scent) and a cup of water in a microwavable bowl. Microwave this mixture on high for about four minutes so the water comes to a soft boil. You can leave the water steaming in the microwave for another two minutes, which should help loosen up the gunk caked on the interior. Once you carefully remove the hot water bowl, you can clean the microwave as you normally would. You can take it easy knowing you won’t have to scrub for nearly as hard or long had you not used this steam hack.

4. Utilize Your Dishwasher

Did you know you can wash a plethora of items in your dishwasher besides dishes? A quick google search will likely let you know what items are and are not dishwasher safe. You can pop things like plastic toys in a laundry bag and stick them on the top rack to disinfect them. If you have a dirty lighting fixture, take the glass cover off and stick it in the dishwasher, too. Things like microwave turntables, refrigerator drawers, outlet covers, soap dishes, and drawer organizers can all be tossed in the dishwasher for a super easy cleanup that you don’t even have to think about.

5. Save Time on Cleanup

If you constantly feel like you’re drowning in dishes after every meal, consider saving time by using methods to line your dishes. It can be a big chore to clean out large dishes, and there’s hardly room in the dishwasher for these oversized items. You can use aluminum foil to keep your dishes clean by placing a layer in pans, cookie sheets and other cookware. They also make liners specifically for crockpots that save time and energy. Once you remove your foil liner, you can even ball it up and use it to scrub other dishes clean!

6. Keep Up with Simple Tasks

close up cleaning shower glass door with squeegee

By adding a few minutes to your daily routine, you can cut down on hours of cleaning in the future. One example of this is wiping down your shower walls after every shower. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this, but by making a small effort whenever you have a spare moment, you can cut down on the amount of hard water and soap scum that accumulate over time. Simply take a used towel or squeegee and wipe down the shower walls and doors to maintain their appearance for longer.


It can be difficult to get started when your household chores have piled up and there’s no end in sight. Thankfully, these six cleaning hacks are here to save you time and lighten your load. Whether you’re on a time crunch or just want to get back to doing the things you enjoy, test out these tricks to shorten your time spent cleaning up.

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