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Bohemian Living Room Ideas To Give Us Some Quirky Interior Design!

Jordlinghome.com – Cheers to all creative home designers across the globe! When you feel you need to redesign your clean and in line with minimalist living spaces. We suggest you move into a quirky design that will make you feel alive in vibrant colors and decorations. So, what style suits the most in creating a cheerful environment? There is no doubt to have a quirky bohemian style in our living room.

Did you know where is the boho style came from? Taking back into the 19th century right in the 60s to 70s era boho style was first ever born into this world. The boho style closely associated with a vary accessories in hippy fashion style. A boho style becoming so popular around the world and astonishingly crush many styles.

A bohemian design needs colorful and diversity in decoration. What does it mean diversity in decoration? It means to create a boho room style, we need different colors, textures, patterns, and furnishing. If we already got all that elements, then boho decor is near to be achieved!

Here we have some boho living room ideas that will give us some quirky interior design!

Pop Color Boho Room Style

bohemian living room idea with pop color

A quirky living room design appears in various pop colors, textures, and patterns. Decorating our minimalist neutral wall palette with whimsical wall art. It is a very artistic view by appearing an original watercolor whimsical painting stick on the neutral wall palette. Now, let’s work on a boho room decoration. Adding a geometrical pattern boho sofa and lay on some identical throw pillows is a good starter to makeover the room. Do not forget to add natural elements in boho styles such as houseplants, wooden furnishing, and a woven pot.

Cozy Boho Room Style With Wooden Bookshelf On The Wall

cozy bohemian living room

A cozy living room design with full-on boho decoration is a mind-blowing idea! Starting to decorate a plain wall with plenty of wooden bookshelves. Making our living room looks stylish by adding a leather sofa, bringing some greeneries inside boho style. And play some texture on the rug, the last thing to make this room look even cozier is adjusting the string light. Get relaxed in this living room style surrounding by green plants.

Relaxing Boho Living Room Style

peaceful Bohemian living room

Such a relaxing living room design! Appearing a blue sofa in this room makes a peaceful ambiance. To appear a boho interior design, we can set a Morrocan vintage rug to make this soothing room looks more attractive. Adding more texture into the room such as a furry rug. Talking about a boho style cannot apart from the natural decoration, we can present the green plants and rattan round floor stool. The displays in this boho room do not look, crowd. It looks chic and comfortable airy feels a living space design.

Modern Boho Living Room Idea

modern bohemian living room idea

After working on a colorful boho room style now we jumped out to the modern one! This boho interior design living room showing less attractive colors such as red, orange, and yellow. It uses soft palette decoration, but you don’t have to worry about the plain and tasteless decoration because this room looks unique from the selection natural material. This chic living room evokes a magical soothing effect with some neutral and natural selection interior decoration.

When we come into a room design there must be some furniture and decorations to define its style. Designing a boho room style off course needs some furnishing which able to show its identity. Here we have some boho decorations to make your room feel alive! Check them out, and don’t miss any of them if you want to create a bold boho style!

  • Orange Vintage Sofa

orange vintage sofa

Sofa for most of all is the main furniture in the living room. So, we can choose the right sofa that matches the room style. For a boho style, we can choose an earthy orange sofa to take room attention. An orange and earthy color sofa will make the boho room style looks more attractive.

Rattan Pot

Rattan pot for a bohemian interior design

Figuring out the best decoration for the boho style is something that has a natural material and also textured. The best option goes into rattan craft, such as a rattan pot. This natural decoration will make our boho room looks unique!

Rattan Basket

Rattan Basket for bohemian living room

Move on from the rattan pot, now we are heading into a rattan basket. Set this rattan basket in boho room style will successfully upgrade the charm of this room.

Bohemian Colorful Throw Pillow


colorful bohemian throw pillow

Now, let’s take attention to the sofa complements, it must be throw pillows. There is a trick to feature a boho style through the throw pillow design, we can choose printed colorful and geometric patterned pillowcase in attractive pop color. It does not matter if you have a pale sofa just simply adding some colorful throw pillow will definitely improve the boho room decor!

Bohemian Stool

  • Indian Vintage stool

Bohemian stool

If you have a small sofa in your living room then surely it is not enough to provide seating for your guests. We can trick this by adding some stool to provide more seating, it is suitable for a small living space that a brilliant way to solve a tiny space. The question is which stool suits the most for boho interior design? Our choice must come to the Indian vintage stool, it has vibrant color and pattern which is why it suits to embrace the boho style. So, our living room space will look more attractive!

  • Vintage Round Rattan Stool

vintage round rattan chair for boho loving room decoration

Another best decoration for a boho room decoration comes in natural material such as a round vintage rattan chair. We can display them around the sofa, they will provide more seating and also give a unique interior design look. This round vintage rattan chair creates a friendly boho room style that came from natural fiber.

  • Braided Puff Ottoman

braided puff ottoman for a boho bedroom

Bohemian interior design well known for its colorful decoration. Besides that, it can be reflected into a natural material furnishing. Each one of them is a unique braided puff Ottoman. It has a unique texture and also made from natural fiber such as seagrass. This natural furnishing just so ideal for a chic boho room design.

Bohemian Rug

  • Marrakesh Rug

vintage rug for bohemian living room

Marrakesh rug is a Morrocan pride, it is well known to decorate a boho interior design. It is chosen because it has a beautiful geometric pattern and also an attractive and colorful rug palette. So, we can spread this Marrakesh rug into a boho room design.

  • Vintage Oriental Rug

Vintage oriental rug for bohemian living room

A vintage oriental rug also suits to decor our boho room style. It is different from the previous rug where it has a powerful palette but this vintage oriental rug has a soft palette. Its beautiful floral design combine with soft color makes this rug looks unique. Creating a boho room style requires unique furnishing, so then this rug could be our preference to decorate the boho room idea.

Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hanging

We cannot forget this item if we want to decor our living spaces with boho style. A macrame gives a quirky interior design, it is very identical to boho style. A super unique craft with lace, braided, and shred design is just so perfect to beautify our boho room decoration. This beige and green macrame look amazing hanging on the wall.

Boho Tribal Curtain

Bohemian decoration with boho tribal curtain

There is another way to evoke boho room design is by installing an identical boho curtain. We share this idea if you want to create a boho room style, we can install a black tribal curtain. The combination of polka dot and geometric pattern make this tribal curtain match for a boho room decoration.

Boho Decor: Antique Gold Mirror

Boho decor with large antique mirror

As we already alluded many times that boho room design uses antique furnishing for its design. So, then this large antique gold mirror can be a part of boho decoration. Let this mirror reflect the beauty of this room. By adding this large mirror, it helps the view in the living room looks wider. So, if you have a small living room, you can take this unique mirror to enlarge the space than the actual side.

Rattan Pendant Lampshade

rattan pendant lamp

rattan pendant lamp for bohemian living room

When we talk about the bohemian room decoration, we cannot forget this stuff. Rattan pendant lampshade is so unique, it made from a natural material. So, boho style lovers we can add this rattan lampshade to create a unique look!

So, that is all some bohemian living room ideas we can share with you. And we also share some boho furnishing that you can apply in your living spaces. There are some essential decorations we should have if we want to have a quirky boho interior design. They are an orange vintage sofa, rattan craft( pendant lampshade, pots, stool, and chairs), Morrocon or vintage floral rug, and some macrame. That is all we should have if we want to show the cheerful bohemian room style.

A bohemian style bringing eclectic vibes to its decoration. So, home designers, we can decorate our living spaces with a fun and unpretentious design. We hope you enjoy our writing about bohemian room design!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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