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25 Trendy Industrial Dining Room Ideas That Will Attract You – As a room for eating and gathering, of course, the dining room must be made attractive and comfortable. And applying industrial design to the dining room is an interesting idea. Dark and cold shades will make the industrial dining room look and feel different and unique.

The industrial style is very popular. Initially, this design was present in Europe. Ancient Europeans used old factories as their place of residence. So, it is not surprising that many materials with an old look are the characteristics of this one design.

As the times progressed, the industrial design also underwent a revolution. Starting from the appearance and also the concept. Industrial design is often combined with minimalist and modern concepts so that it looks more up-to-date. And here, we have provided 25 Trendy Industrial Dining Room Ideas That Will Attract You. So, let’s check it out!

1. Drum Pendant Lights with Different Sizes

drum pendant lights
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In industrial design, it is better to optimize natural lighting. However, this does not mean that you do not present artificial lighting at all. You also need to bring some lights so that the dining room stays bright at night.

There are many types of lamps that you can choose from. You can choose drum pendant lamps of different sizes. Hang these lights just above the dining table at different heights.

This idea not only makes the dining room bright at night but also makes it look much more attractive. Black pendant light with yellow lighting gives calm and warm nuances at the same time that adds to the comfort of the dining room.

2. Minimalist Industrial Dining Room

minimalist industrial dining room
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As previously explained, today’s industrial design is often combined with a minimalist concept. The results given are certainly much neater and cleaner. Not only that, the minimalist concept can also make the small dining room feel wider. With this, the room not only looks attractive and clean but also feels more comfortable.

Concrete walls and floors give a beautiful effect when exposed to sunlight that enters through the window. Some of the walls are also applied to an exposed brick wall which gives natural orange and red colors.

The use of jet black color makes the appearance of the dining room look so firm and cold. Even so, the wood elements give a warm feel and manage to balance the atmosphere in the room.

3. Cool and Warm at Once

industrial dining room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Black and dark brown are the main colors of industrial design. Therefore, the room often feels and looks cool and masculine.

For those of you who prefer a room with a warm feel, you can use this one idea as an option. Here, you still use black and dark brown because they are the characteristics of industrial design. And to bring a warm atmosphere, you can rely on wood materials and yellow lighting.

Try to start from the floor to the furniture that is there. You can also make a wooden fruit basket as a decoration as well as put fruit there.

4. Bright Industrial Dining Interior

bright industrial room
Cc: Pinterest

Industrial design is indeed more dominant with dark colors. However, there are a lot of people who do not really like interiors with a dark look. And if you are one of them, then this idea will be perfect for you.

If we look at the picture above, black and dark brown are the dominant colors. It is just that the exposed brick wall is made of plaster with artificial paint.

Not only that, for natural lighting is also maximized. This room applies an exposed brick wall so that sunlight can enter the dining room better.

5. Industrial Dining Chairs Made of Metal and Wood

dining chairs
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The use of recyclable materials is a characteristic of industrial design. So, if you want to make this design look bold in the dining room, you can bring more iron, aluminum, metal, and wood materials.

You can choose a dining table made of iron and wood to fill your dining room. And the same goes for the dining chairs. The combination of iron and wood will produce a cold and warm feel to the room. So that the atmosphere will be balanced and the room becomes comfortable.

6. Simple Apartment Industrial Dining Room

industrial apartment
Cc: Pinterest

Simple decorations are much more attractive and more contemporary. And applying it to industrial design is the right idea. Besides reducing the budget, this will also make the dining room feel neater and more spacious.

On the wall side, you can use a cabinet like in the picture above. Then put some interesting displays there. And for the dining table area, also give a little interesting decoration. Hang the pendant lamp just above the dining table. Yellow lighting from the lamp will make the display more beautiful, especially at night.

7. Traditional Industrial Dining Room

traditional industrial dining room
Cc: Pinterest

In this idea, we can see industrial designs with a look that is still so traditional. Starting from wood material with a rough surface to some furniture made of iron with an outdated appearance.

Concrete is applied consistently from the floor, walls, and ceiling. Pipes that are left exposed make the industrial design look even more viscous. Not only that, industrial-style lights also have a big influence on this industrial dining room.

8. Fresh Industrial Dining Room

fresh room
Cc: Pinterest

The industrial dining room with shades of gray has a cooler atmosphere. The natural gray color of the concrete adds a natural feel to the dining room. Here, you can enhance the natural feel that can make the dining room feel calming and comfortable.

Large industrial-style windows are intentionally left exposed so that natural lighting can enter the room optimally. Right beside the window, there are large plants that make the dining room feel so fresh. The light will directly hit the plants and make the plants grow well there.

On the dining table, you can also add greenery there. Decor the dining table with a small plant. It will be much more simple but interesting.

9. Jet-Black Make It Dark and Elegant

jet-black decor
Cc: Pinterest

Jet-black is one of the colors you can rely on to give a firm and elegant effect to your industrial dining room. However, do not apply it in its entirety because this will only make the dining room look stuffy and cramped.

You can apply jet-black scattered, starting from the cabinets that are stuck to the walls, floors, and also dining chairs.

In order to make the room does not look too dark, combine black with white. For walls and ceilings, you can paint them the same white color. In this way, the industrial dining room will look more harmonious.

10. Combination of Industrial and Bohemian

industrial and bohemian
Cc: Pinterest

Combining industrial design with Bohemian design is an interesting idea. A more masculine industrial design will look more lively with Bohemian colors and motifs.

The exposed brick wall is the main character of the industrial design in this dining room. Some of the dining chairs are also made of metal for emphasizing the industrial look.

Although the industrial design is dominant, Bohemian design also look stands out in the room. A large rug with Boho motifs and beautiful colors adorns the floor. Wooden benches are also decorated with throw pillows with the same motif as the carpet.

11. Simple Industrial Dining Room

simple room design
Cc: Pinterest

The open-plan concept is very helpful in making the house feel more spacious. In the middle area, a very simple small dining room is created. There is only one large table made of wood along with dining chairs with a modern minimalist design.

The folding dining table makes it look so attractive for the dining room. When not in use, the tables on the right and left can be folded so as to provide more space that can make the industrial dining room feel wider. This will really help to add to the comfort of your home.

Use the carpet as a visual barrier between the dining area and other areas. Choose a carpet with interesting motifs and colors but still simple.

12. Modern Industrial Dining Room

modern industrial dining room
Cc: Pinterest

This modern industrial dining room looks more up-to-date. The minimalist concept and the simple decoration give a cleaner and neater appearance.

Industrial-style pendant lights that hang just above the dining table emphasize the industrial look in this room. Not only that, but the exposed brick wall is also the main icon that can make anyone there feel the industrial style.

This modern industrial dining room chooses calm colors such as black, brown, and gray. So maximizing natural lighting in this room is very important so that the room feels comfortable and away from the impression of being cramped and stuffy.

13. Concrete Wall and Floor Make It Great

concrete wall-floor
Cc: Pinterest

Concrete floors and walls are the next idea that you can apply to your industrial dining room. The natural gray color will be much more attractive to the eye. Also, the gray dining room will feel calmer.

Bring white to make the room look bright. And, do not forget the black color to give a firm and cool effect to the dining room. Apply scattered black to make it look stand out, starting from the wall displays to the dining table and chairs.

14. Modern and Vintage are So Attractive

modern and vintage
Cc: Pinterest

An industrial style that is firm and cold will look attractive when combined with a vintage style that looks old. As in the picture above where metal and wood are the main elements to fill the dining room. The black color looks dominant and gives a firm effect and emphasizes the industrial style.

Right above the dining table, you can see a very simple industrial-style pendant light. The black color makes it look so balanced in the room. For dining chairs, vintage style is preferred, which gives a slightly old look to the dining room.

15. Feel Fresh with Plants As A Room Decoration

plant decorations
Cc: Pinterest

A fresh room will be much more comfortable. Here, you can decorate your industrial dining room with some fresh green plants. You can also decorate the dining table with beautiful flowers in a vase.

The white dining room with exposed brick walls looks so natural. Moreover, in the dining room, skylight windows are installed which make natural lighting enter the room to the maximum. So adding some greenery to the room can increase the natural atmosphere that is so calm. In this way, the dining room not only looks attractive but also feels comfortable.

16. Black Exposed Brick Wall Give Masculine Look

black exposed brick wall
Cc: Pinterest

You can rely on black to create a masculine look for your industrial dining room. As we know, the exposed brick wall is one of the characteristics of industrial design. Usually, exposed brick walls have a natural orange or red color that is so beautiful. However, you can paint it black to create a masculine look.

Apply black consistently. You can start from the wall and then move on to the kitchen table and chairs. For the table, let the wood show off its natural brown color to give a warm effect to the room. So that the atmosphere in the industrial dining room will be balanced.

17. Look Modern and Simple with Monochrome Concept

monochrome interior
Cc: Pinterest

The modern design has a minimalist concept in it. So, do not be surprised if a modern design room will look so simple. Even so, the room still looks attractive. It is just that, you will feel more of a calming atmosphere.

Incorporating modern design into industrial is an interesting idea. Here, you can apply two colors (monochrome concept) to make the appearance of the dining room look simple. Choose white and black to make it look balanced.

18. Bright Naturally Feel More Comfortable

bright industrial dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Industrial design is indeed more famous for its dark, cool, and masculine appearance. However, you can also make it look naturally bright. Here, you can make white the main color. Apply black vertically, starting with the lights and also the dining chairs.

Black iron material will give a cool feel to the room. Present a warm atmosphere so that the room looks balanced. And here, you can depend on the wood material.

To make the industrial dining room look bright naturally, you can install large windows. Leave the windows exposed without any decorations that can block light from entering the room. Sunlight hitting a white surface will make the white color look brighter and more alive.

19. Present Pastel Colors to Make It Look Attractive

beautiful industrial dining room
Cc: Pinterest

The colors you often encounter in industrial design are gray, white, black, and brown. If you want to give a different look to the industrial dining room, you can also bring other colors there.

The industrial dining room also looks beautiful with pastel colors. The pastel red and pastel blue dining chairs, and pastel green shelves make the industrial dining room look attractive and unique.

Do not present too many pastel colors because this will only interfere with the industrial look. So, keep making industrial colors more dominant in the room.

20. Cozy Loft Dining Room

loft industrial dining room ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Making a loft is the right idea to add space to a small apartment or house. You can use the loft for a bedroom or dining-kitchen like in the picture above.

Apply a concrete wall to give it a cool yet soothing natural gray color. Expand the black iron element and also the wood element to emphasize the industrial style. And on the ceiling, leave the pipes exposed freely.

Here, you can also illuminate the loft area with natural lighting by installing large windows. Do not cover the window with anything so that natural light can enter more perfectly into the industrial dining room.

21. Small but Feel Soothing and Cozy

soothing dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Although small, this industrial dining room feels so calm and cozy. An exposed brick wall with orange and white colors makes the room look brighter.

In order to make the small industrial dining room it doesn’t feel cramped and stuffy, the black color is made a little more. Wood material with a lighter color is deliberately made dominant so that the room does not look dark. The dominant wood material also makes the industrial dining room feel warm. And this is what makes this room comfortable and quiet.

22. Welcoming Christmas with Beautiful Christmas Decors

christmas decor
Cc: Pinterest

It has become a culture to decorate the interior of the house with Christmas decorations when Christmas is coming. You can use this Christmas decoration to make your industrial dining room look more attractive.

The little Christmas tree on the table is the most iconic at Christmas. You can also decorate the dining room with some other Christmas displays such as Christmas plates and Christmas balls on the cabinet.

23. Feel Fresh with A Touch of Green

green industrial dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Never hesitate to bring green to your room. Indeed, for industrial interior design, colors that never go away are black, gray, white, and brown. However, it never hurts to give a little touch of green. That way, the industrial dining room will feel fresher.

You can choose dining chairs made of iron painted in pastel green like the picture above. The decoration is also a room with refreshing green plants. You can put large/medium-sized plants in the corner of the room and small plants on the dining table.

24. Industrial Dining Room in Bright Look

industrial dining room design
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who want to apply industrial design to your dining room but do not want the interior to appear dark, you can use this idea as an option. You can paint the exposed brick wall with white paint.

Instead of making yellow lighting the main lighting, it would be better to choose white lighting to light up the room. You can expose white light to a white exposed brick wall. That way, the white color will look brighter and also more alive.

25. Tiny Industrial Kitchen-Dining

tiny industrial dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Tiny industrial kitchen-dining is perfect for small or narrow apartments. In the kitchen bar area, you can put two benches made of iron and wood. You can clearly feel the industrial design from the black color and also the wood material.

You can use two benches in the kitchen bar area as a dining area. That way, this will greatly save space in the apartment.

Final Words

Industrial design is indeed more hype for restaurants and cafes. However, applying it to the interior of the house is an interesting idea. You can apply industrial designs to your dining room to make it look attractive. Cold, dark, firm or warm shades will give a different feel to your room. And the points above are 25 Trendy Industrial Dining Room Ideas That Will Attract You.

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