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Revealing The Pros And Cons Of The Exposed Brick Wall For The Interior

Jordlinghome.com – The brick wall for the interior offers a warm serenity and timeless look. The exposed texture and the classic red brick giving a unique interior impression. Talking about home construction, bricks take a long history to the building. Over time ago, people use bricks that dried under the sun’s heat. Traditionally, it protects bricks from molding and gives them heat protection. That being said, the bricks much use to build the offices in the city. Featuring the unique exposed wall texture makes the office feel warm, energize, and inviting atmosphere which able to support work ambiance!

However, using the brick wall construction and the decoration for the office is quite appealing and efficient. That does not feel in the right way fully. The full bricks house construction is a high potential of water seepage which is not good for our living. So, then the idea has changed and we prefer to cover the bricks by mortar to create a sleek and cozy spacious home! But then, since the contemporary modern interior come up, the bricks wall is highly appreciated as a powerful tool to give a statement to the project. Anyway, there are some advantages and disadvantages of applying bricks to the interior space. Now, we will share with you the pros and cons of having a brick wall for the interior. We hope this will help you to decide on the right project of showcasing the brick accent wall in your home! Let’s peel off down below!

The pros of brick wall

Create a focal point in the interior

exposed brick wall create a focal point to the interior

There is no doubt the exposed brick wall can create a focal point in our home. Let’s prove it! Inside this modern living room, there is the brick wall stands out as the focal point. Surrounded by the clean line interior style, the textured will create a warm ambiance. The exposed red bricks give a contrast to the minimalist interior. Set the LED TV on the redbricks wall, suddenly it leads our attention to this charming wall!

red bricks create focal point in the dining area

Offering the warm and welcoming ambiance in the dining area by featuring the red bricks. Install it on the concrete wall, but don’t cover all the walls with bricks. We just need to install it in the perfect spot where we can set up the dining table close to it. As we can see, the red bricks create a warm ambiance and stylish features. This awesome wall project really infuses the industrial space more stylish and alive!

modern twist brick wall in the bedroom

One more focal point project made by the brick wall we show to you. The distinctive red bricks stand beautifully as the focal point in this cozy bedroom. Showcasing an industrial theme that shows manly character. To bold that character, installing the concrete wall is the proper idea, then polish it to be more stylish by appearing the brick accent wall! Showing the raw accent in the interior project makes the manly room looks so underrated. Giving and refresh the interior with some greeneries to balance the solid industrial vibe. Moreover, the full-height windows allow fresh air to come in. So, we’ve got the airy feel space and the room does not too tight!

The attractive interior look

attractive interior brick wall

Creating an attractive interior by featuring the classic red brick wall. The exposed feature infuses the energy to the clean minimalist interior design. Looking at this living room where the red bricks giving character to the design. We can see that accentuate the bricks wall as the focal point is more impactful rather than applying it to the whole interior space. An eye-catching facade will help us with our savings on spending the paint.

Warm ambiance interior

the brick wall create warm ambiance interior

There is no doubt that the fixture of the brick wall creates a warm ambiance for the living space. Let see how incredibly looking good this apartment in Brooklyn is. The classic red brick feature wall transforms into a beautiful backdrop. What makes us really love to accentuate the brick accent for the interior is the timelessness and fit with any decoration. The warm ambiance made from organic decoration makes us feel homey. We can hang on the organic print picture, rattan handicraft, and a beautiful clay vase with greeneries. These ornaments are so impactful in creating an organic look. Moreover, the neutral sofas, some fluffy pillows, fluffy carpet enhance the warm and cozy atmosphere inside.

warm brick fire place

Another way to create a warm ambiance using the bricks is by creating the fireplace. This material is resistant to fire heat so that is safe to install at home. In addition, the natural earthy color tone makes it looks welcoming and timeless. This brick fireplace giving a warm ambiance to this modern interior. The green living space is so picturesque we can see from the full-height windows. Then a very warm and cozy atmosphere we get inside. The brick fireplace is truly amazing, it brings out warmth and serenity through the clean minimalist interior design. Infuse the space with classic and timeless decoration, the brick accent projects deserve to embrace!

The brick wall looks aesthetic and impactful strong atmosphere

the strong character of the brick wall for interior

Giving an aesthetic interior look is a definite accent of the exposed brick wall. Besides that, we can accentuate an impactful interior design by featuring the brick accent wall. This staircase design looks so slim by applying metal material. Then, the glass is set to showing up the beautiful organic redbrick backdrop. We can see when the simple thing is managed properly, it creates an awesome result. Just like this staircase area that shows off the beautiful red bricks backdrop! The earthy color tone and neutral color palette combine together successfully to create the timeless and trendy modern interior design!

The cons of brick walls for interior

Brickwall is porous

Revealing the cons of the brick wall that this structure is considered porous. For the rainy day’s conditions, the wall might easily wet water can absorb through the pores of the bricks. Because of this case, the brick wall is commonly used for the external building structure. But, don’t worry so. It’s fairly good to transform the brick accents to the interior space. With the tight mortar, we can minimalize the water seepage problem. On the other hand, we can use the concrete wall structure and layer it up with aesthetic red bricks layering. We’re pretty sure this way will avoid the water seepage but offers the timeless and aesthetic brick wall look!

The whole brick wall creates a saturated interior space

the cons of the brick wall for interior

The brick wall for the modern interior is indeed appealing. But if we do not maintain it will look slum and the room will feel so tight. Creating a saturated interior space, so we recommend we combine the brick wall with minimalist or concrete wall ideas. So, it won’t look too tight and boring!

Require high maintenance

As we already talk on the first cons point above, the bricks wall is porous which means accessible for water seepage. When the mortar does not cover well the brick’s gap, the wall looks slum easily. And when the kids trying to write on the brick wall, it’s hard to erase. So, make sure if you have the brick wall interior design, keep it well from any threat of damage!

A potential downside of your home insulation increased

Having the home interior featuring the brick wall is quite welcoming yet we get a cozy warm atmosphere. But, once we have a false in the mortar technique, there will be a serious problem coming up. The gaps from the imperfect mortar are the potential to be break by the winds and other extreme weather. If that happens, that is seriously dangerous for people who live inside, and of course, that will increase your home insulation. So, make sure to apply mortar and fill every gap the bricks have perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Featuring the brick exposed wall for the interior offers lots of joy. There we get the warm, efficient, and timeless design that infuses the space with a more attractive accent! Besides revealing the pros of having a brick wall itself, there are also some cons that appear for such the brick as high maintenance, water seepage problem, to the slum and tight accent that makes the room feel so saturated and depressing. After revealing the pros and cons of the brick wall, we have the solution for you. We can avoid the potential downside by installing the brick wall to create a focal point inside our home. That means we only need to open the structure wall for some parts that we need to highlight the design. So, that we still have the beautiful accent of the classic brick wall and also reducing the potential downside that might come after the project is done! We hope these tips help you to know very well what you should do in your home decor project using the brick accent wall!

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