Find A Perfect Staycation In Tropical Garden Landscape Ideas Featuring Water Feature

2148 – Spending time at home would be delightful with some comfortable decoration. A relaxing lush scenery in our outdoor space will make us enjoy staying at home. We don’t need to go traveling if we have a perfect staycation in our own home. Considering today we require to stay at home to be safe. The green tropical forest array will make us feel relaxed.

Let’s create a hidden gem tropical garden to escape from a frenetic life. We will display how the tropical garden landscape that shows the water feature that will enhance the relaxing ambiance. Moreover, we also share with you how the comfortable tropical home with an outstanding pool design. Enjoy the decoration!

Hidden gem tropical garden

hidden gem tropical garden landscape idea

What are the words that can be drawn for the tropical landscape? Lush, green, relaxing! That is all the proper expression to draw tropical scenery. Thinking about having the green scenic view in our home that would be so relieving to the eye!

Today, home architecture has a massive development and dozens of various styles available to follow. With abundant information about the home design through the search engine sometimes split us into confusion. Here, we offer you to take the advantage of the outdoor space to be the perfect place to hang out! The tropical landscape will give you the privilege to enjoy your time.

We can choose the green lush tropical plants and trees to create a tropical hidden gem in our backyard! The tropical plants such as Pandanus australis have a sharp branch and green foliage can be added to create a lush exotic tropical look. We can add a fire pit bowl to give the extra pleasure to be hanging out with family in the lush garden!

Beautiful tropical garden with pool decoration

tropical garden landscape with pool decoration

When the green lush tropical ambiance meets the relaxing water feature. That will double up the joy of being in the soothing outdoor space. Decorating the pool edge with some rocks to create a natural look. Moreover, growing the coconut trees around will give a laidback feel, they also give the shades to the pool area that will give the convenience. This is such a relaxing tropical landscaping idea!

Artificial waterfall water feature


Surrounded by green lush plants and then completed with a waterfall feature. Making us fall into this relaxing tropical outdoor sensation. The hard landscaping takes part around the edges. Giving a wow factor to this tropical landscape by creating an artificial waterfall.

Raise bed in the tropical landscaping

raise bedding in tropical landscaping

If you want to have clean line landscaping ideas in your garden. A raised bed can be an option. Choosing the large raised bedding can afford the medium size plants such as a banana tree. Collecting some plants on the raised bed will make the tidy decoration. In addition, we can install the wooden garden path and put some gravel on the ground to create a more natural look.

Tropical landscape entryway idea

entry way tropical landscape idea

Imagining the green lush plants welcome you when entering the house. A group of peace lily gives a soothing effect to the entryway. To make a big statement of the tropical decoration. We also make a garden path by installing interlocking stones. Installing garden lamps will give an extra coziness when the sun goes down. In addition, we have a minimalist garden design but still, offer the beauty of sanctuary outdoor space in our house!

Simple tropical terrace idea

simple tropical terrace design ideaAnother tropical garden landscape idea we share with you is creating a simple and comfortable tropical terrace design! First of all, we can install outdoor ceramic tiles for the cozy terrace. The brick wall creating nice privacy in our garden. Installing garden lamps will give an extra coziness when the sun goes down. Don’t forget to add some tropical plants to the decor. Incorporating banana trees to create a focal point of the theme garden style we have. To bold the lush green landscaping idea, we can include some tropical plants that less maintenance such as succulents and snake plants!

Hard landscaping ideas

hard tropical landscaping

Featuring the jungle tropical vibe in our house would be so fascinating! The green space will make us feel relax. Moreover, the hard landscaping that showing the water features successfully creating a relaxing environment. It’s important to design our outdoor space to be a recreation place. So, we don’t need to go anywhere cause we already have a perfect staycation in our backyard garden!

Using a stepping stone as a bridge!

tropical landscaping with stepping stones

Green is the color of nature, so we can generously adding green plants to create a relaxation space. The large stepping stone across the pond successfully gives a wow factor to the landscaping idea. The transformation of the dual life feature that connects the ground and pond with some stepping stones creating an absolute statement. Imagining when you open the gate and then start to step your foot on the ground and as you follow the way, you can step and passing the waterside. It’s very interesting to have this landscape in the garden! To support the relaxing sanctuary space atmosphere, we can grow some tropical plants inside such as banana trees, palm trees to join the green outdoor space!

Exotic Balinese tropical garden!

Exotic Balinese tropical garden

Talking about the tropical garden, we couldn’t leave behind the exotic tropical Balinese landscaping project. The exotic island from Indonesia offers an outstanding scenic tropic ambiance. In its garden, we will find the art from the sculpture that usually takes place in the gate entrance. The outstanding piece of art joins the landscaping idea, which makes the garden even more beautiful and valuable. It’s easy to spot the outstanding art in the Balinese landscaping garden before we enter the garden. There is usually an entrance garden gate, and they are beautifully well-decorated with Hinduism relief. When we step inside the garden, we will be amazed at the sculpture decoration and exotic plants. In addition, the water feature joins the relaxing ambiance, such as being in paradise!

Clean sultry garden style!

clean sultry garden style

If you are not really into the wildlife jungle-like decoration. Then you can go with the simple minimalist garden decoration. Still, we have a chance to add tropical plants to our decoration. The first thing we have to do is installing the paving terrace in the middle. To beautify the clean landscaping, we can put some river stones on the edges. In addition, incorporate the green tropical plants for the landscape idea. The garden light can be installed to give comfort when the sun goes down. Enjoy the green outdoor space with family or even just having a cup of coffee to relax!

Final Words

Thus are tropical garden landscape ideas we already shared with you. There are a few things we want to highlight before digging into the project! First of all, we have to grab some native tropical plants. They usually have a green color tone that symbolizes the color of nature. When we see them, all of a sudden that will lead our mind into the relaxing ambiance!

Creating a tropical garden landscape, at least we have to include the water feature as the essence of the relaxing garden style. That’s all the landscaping tips we already shared with you, hoping you enjoy that. Let’s create an outstanding relaxing space in our garden immediately!


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