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Growing Outdoor Tropical Plants and Trees To Block Sweltering Summer Days – When the summer season comes, it tantalizes our mind to have a laidback nautical lifestyle! Or even having a deep relaxation in the lush tropical ambiance that captivates sanctuary ideal space to live in!

However, we can create a relaxing ambiance in our outdoor space! Welcoming the warmest season of the year, summer is quite fun. On the contrary, summer can be a disaster for us, remembering the blazing hot summer days makes us uncomfortable. But don’t take it too seriously, because we can add some green plants to cool down the temperature. As a result, we will get thermal comfort and sustainable home design! Let’s have a look at some of the best outdoor tropical plants and trees to block sweltering summer days below!

Tree fern

tree fern in tropical garden

The relaxing tropical garden ambiance is so much comforting, especially when the sultry summer days come. To block sweltering summer days, we can renovate our garden project by fulfilling it with lush tropical plants. Actually, there are abundant tropic plants available, each one of them that can give the outdoor space feel relaxed is tree fern!

The tree fern is a fern that has a sturdy trunk to support its lush leaves to grow. They are beautiful and just perfect to give a shade in our outdoor space. Taking care of the tree fern by watering them intensely in the period of sultry weather. Giving an organic fertilizer will keep them alive and thrive. After 2 years, we better stake the newly planted fern to keep them renew and produce healthy leaves.

Elephant ears

elephant ear for the lush tropical garden plants idea

The next tropical plant that has large green foliage is elephant ears. That name has been attached because it has a slightly round and hearth shape look-alike elephant ears. The foliages approximately large have the 3-8 feet tall in height and 1-6 feet in width. Their large green foliage will successfully give a relaxing atmosphere to the outdoor space!

There are some hacks to follow to grow this outdoor tropical plant. They love to live in the slightly acidic soil and the space that gets partial shade. It’s important to keep the soil well moist or even wet. In their origin home, it’s easy o spot them in the wet soil condition. So, when the sultry summer days come, we have to water them intensely. When we take care of them properly, they will thrive even not in their actual home. The large green foliage instantly creates a lush and relaxing tropical atmosphere!

Bamboo trees

tropical garden plants for the outdoor space

With the moist and enough sun place, the tropical region is blessed with various lush and unique plants. Including this Panda’s favorite food Bamboo! They are one of the types of fast-growing trees on earth, their height can reach 98 feet tall or 30 m. We can grow them to create the natural fencing idea! It’s an absolute deal to use bamboo trees to block sweltering summer days.

Enjoying the summer days in the garden is the easiest way to have great relaxation. Installing a bench to provide some seating and then wooden decking join this comfortable tropical terrace design idea. It’s such a great place to relax!

Adding color in a tropical garden with Calla Lily

adding color in tropical garden with calla lily

The tropical scenery is dominated by green color, the color of nature is quite relaxing! Besides having an exotic tropical garden, some colorful tropical plants can be added to join the lush garden looks. Adding color with bright plants will add to the beauty of the garden. One of the best tropical flower plants we can grow is Calla Lily. They come with bright color tones such as pink, yellow, and purple. That perfect to give cheerful garden decoration!

To maintain these beautiful colorful plants, we have to make sure that the soil is moist. Then, grow them in the partial shade, we can trick this by putting them under the shaded trees. In this condition, the shaded trees will block the sun, so calla lily will thrive with indirect sunlight. Another thing we have to consider to protect this plant is to give them fertilizer. watering them twice a day with gentle movement, so it won’t break their beautiful foliage and flowers!

Hibiscus flower

hibiscus flower in the tropical garden

We can add another color saturation in our lush tropical garden by adding hibiscus flowers. What makes this flower is unique is that they not only have a beautiful and colorful flower, but they can attract the bees, butterfly, and some bird to come. That will create a harmonious garden landscaping style! They also do well in the small planter which makes us easier to maintain and save space. Just like other tropical plants, hibiscus requires more water in warm weather. In summer, we can water them every single day to keep the soil moist. On the contrary, when the colder season comes, watering them every day is not required.

Areca Palm

areca palm as the screen

Another lush green plant to block the sultry summer days is Areca palm. They have lots of green foliage in their branches. That’s perfect to use them as a natural screen in our home. Moreover, their presence will enhance the beauty of our property. As a result, that will elevate the curb appeal in our home!

Banana tree

banana tree for the lush tropical garden idea

Growing outdoor tropical plants and trees in our garden is a great idea to block sweltering summer days! Their lush green exotic foliage and colorful leaf will lead us into the Jurassic feel, what a great wildlife nature.

Before we fall into too much fascinating lush tropical garden, it’s better to dig into the project immediately. Let’s know a few tips to grow banana trees in thrives!

  • Originated from the rainforest that has moist soil. Watering them intensely in the drought summer season, it’s important to keep the soil moist but not soggy.
  • To retain moisture in their leaves, they are better to grow in groups that have planted fairly close to each other.

The tropical trees are so varied, there are flowering trees and fruit trees. To add a beautiful charm and shades to our garden, we can grow banana trees! Taking the advantage of relaxing tropical countryside and enjoy the sweet tropical fruit is awesome!

Final Words

Imagining the warm summer days, suddenly leads our mind to have some fun outdoor activities. Sunbathing on the beach or even have a picnic with our lovely family. However, we can enjoy the warm summer day in our home! Let’s do some fresh projects in our backyard garden to enjoy the summer days! Having al fresco dining with our family in the garden is a great idea!

Figuring out what types of best garden decoration and design in the sultry days, our decision must fall into exotic tropical garden ideas! The stunning array of lush green plants all of a sudden will makes us fall into great relaxation. Moreover, the large green foliages will give thermal comfort in our home. Their large green foliages create a shade garden that helps to block the extremely hot sun.

We already shared with you some of the best tropical plants to make your garden lush! Let’s incorporate some tropical green plants in our garden space and find the relaxing tropical vibe in our home!

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