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25 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas Will Inspire You

jordlinghome.com – The bathroom is indeed a part of the house that is not exposed. However, that does not mean you do not pay attention to the beauty and comfort of the bathroom. Although not exposed, the bathroom is the room that is used the most. So, it is important to keep it comfortable and look attractive. And here, we will help you to make your bathroom as you dream. Here, we provide 25 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas that Will Inspire You. So, let’s check it out!

1. Minimalist Bathroom in A Warm Ambiance

minimalist bathroom
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A minimalist bathroom in a warm ambiance is the first of 25 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas Will Inspire You. This bathroom tends to use bright neutral colors, such as white and gray. The help of natural lighting that enters through the small window makes the white color look shining. So that the bathroom feels more alive.

For elements, this one bathroom uses wood. Wood colors manage to create a warmer and calmer atmosphere. So that the bathroom feels more comfortable.

2. Marble Wall for Glossy and Elegant Look

minimalist bathroom ideas
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Even though it is a small room, you can make the bathroom look elegant. As in the picture above where the marble element is the key to an elegant look in the bathroom. Abstract motifs and glossy surfaces make the room much more attractive. Not only that but the bathroom is also given a touch of gold color which can make it look more expensive.

3. Wooden and White are Great Combination

minimalist bathroom decor ideas
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You can present the natural nuances of serenity in your bathroom. This will go a long way in making the bathroom a very comfortable space.

White as the base color will make the room look naturally bright. The addition of wood brings a warmer and calming atmosphere. Here, you can present a rattan rug to make the bathroom look attractive.

4. Gray Nuances Minimalist Bathroom

gray minimalist bathroom ideas
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For a minimalist bathroom, it is better to choose neutral colors, such as white, gray, and black. If you want a bathroom that is bright and a little shady, then you can make gray as an option.

You can choose gray ceramic with a glossy surface. This will make a small bathroom seem cleaner and neater.

You can play with the lighting to get rid of the cramped and stuffy impression in the small bathroom. Starting from the bright main lighting to the LED light mirror which becomes additional lighting.

5. Feel Fresh with Hanging Plants

fresh minimalist bathroom
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Even though becomes the smallest room in the house, it does not mean you could not decorate your bathroom. Instead, the bathroom needs to be decorated to make it look more attractive and comfortable.

There are many decorations that you can choose from. However, in this idea, we recommend that you choose hanging plants. The use of hanging plants will not take up space which can make this room narrower. And the natural green color really helps make the room feel fresher and more alive.

6. Black Flooring Look So Attractive

black flooring
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It is not possible to apply black in the entire bathroom. Because this will only make the room dark and cramped.

If you really like black and want to present it in your bathroom, then this idea is the right one for you to choose. The walls remain white for a bright and comfortable bathroom. And black flooring becomes a decoration that provides an aesthetic and attractive value for the bathroom.

7. A Little Touch of Orange for Cloudless Atmosphere

orange minimalist bathroom ideas
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It is more advisable to choose neutral colors for the bathroom. However, if you want to bring a little cloudless atmosphere to this room, you can rely on orange.

As in the picture above, a little touch of orange on the wall area where the mirror is hung is a very interesting idea. This will make the bathroom look so attractive without looking quirky. The reflection of the light on the orange-washed wall is what makes the room look very beautiful.

8. White Nuances Minimalist Bathroom

white minimalist bathroom ideas
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White is indeed the safest color. Besides being able to match all types of colors, white can also make a room look naturally bright. With this, the atmosphere of the room will look more calm, warm, and comfortable.

The minimalist concept in a white bathroom will give a clean and tidy appearance so you will feel at home in your bathroom.

9. Small but Elegant

elegant minimalist bathroom ideas
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A narrow room does not mean you could not make your minimalist bathroom look elegant and luxurious. As in the picture above, it uses space very well.

The marble element is used as the main element to give a classy effect. The white color with gray abstract motif looks so charming. The presence of black in the bathroom gives a strong firm side. Even so, the bathroom still feels warm with the presence of wooden elements on one side of the bathroom wall.

10. Greenwashed Wall Make It Fresh

greenwashed wall
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To make the bathroom feel comfortable, you can bring a fresh effect there. In addition to bringing fresh plants to the bathroom, you can also rely on the green.

As we can see in the image above, white is still selected as the main color. So that the appearance of the bathroom will remain bright. And on the side of the wall, the green color is applied starting from the middle to the top touching the ceiling.

The use of recessed lighting fixtures is a very appropriate idea for this one bathroom. Recessed lighting fixtures that are close to the green-washed wall will make the green color look more alive and charming.

11. Minimalist, Cloudless, and Fresh at Once

terrazzo wall
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The minimalist concept does seem clean and tidy. Even so, that does not mean you could not create a cloudless atmosphere there.

Compared to choosing quirky colors, it would be better to choose a terrazzo wall. The colors on this terrazzo are what give the bathroom a cheerful effect.

A touch of soft green in the bathroom cabinet and vanities also gives a fresh and calm effect. And lastly, the wood elements that provide warmth and serenity make this bathroom perfect.

12. Bathroom yet Laundry Room

laundry room
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The function of the bathroom is not only as a place for you to shower, brush your teeth, and wash your face. You can also use the bathroom as a laundry room.

As in the picture above where the right side of the bathroom has a front load washing machine. This type of washing machine is very helpful to save space in the bathroom. At the top, you can make a table to put some laundry items.

13. Attractive Large Mirror

large mirror
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The mirror is a mandatory item in the bathroom. There are many interesting types of mirrors that you can choose to decorate your bathroom.

For those of you who want a minimalist bathroom that is beautiful and elegant, then you can choose this one idea. The round large mirror makes the minimalist bathroom look very attractive. Not only that, but the bathroom also feels more spacious.

LED lights behind the large mirror are the right decoration to increase the aesthetic value of the bathroom. This additional light is really successful in making a dark bathroom look very elegant and expensive.

14. Japanese Minimalist Bathroom Design

japanese minimalist bathroom
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There is no doubt about the minimalist appearance in Japanese style/design. Besides looking clean and tidy, Japanese design has a warm and calm appearance. This is because the Japanese style uses timber as decoration.

If we look at the bathroom in the picture above, the timber is arranged on the floor as well as the walls horizontally. Thus creating very interesting lines.

15. Skylight Window for Bright Naturally

bright minimalist bathroom ideas
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Making the bathroom look bright is what you should do. A bathroom with a bright appearance will be far from cramped and stuffy. So that the bathroom will feel more comfortable.

In this idea, the bathroom uses natural lighting as the main lighting. The skylight window right in the shower area allows sunlight to enter freely into the bathroom. Not only that, the beautiful blue clouds will also make this small room comfortable.

16. Minimalist Bathroom with Masculine Look

masculine minimalist bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

A minimalist bathroom with a masculine look is the next of 25 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas Will Inspire You. In this idea, jet black is the main color. Here, you do not have to worry about the bathroom looking small, cramped, and stuffy. Because, thanks to recessed lighting, it provides even and maximum lighting to the bathroom.

The black color does give a firm and cold side. However, both of them were not present at all in this one bathroom. This is because the wood material that stands out provides warmth and turns the bold side of black into calm.

17. Playing with Lighting

minimalist bathroom lighting ideas
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Choosing black for the bathroom is risky. However, the black bathroom looks much more elegant and classy. Not only that, but the bathroom atmosphere is also much different.

For those of you who want a black bathroom, you do not need to worry that the bathroom will look cramped and uncomfortable. By playing with the lighting, you can choose the black bathroom you want.

You can use recessed lights to provide even and maximum lighting. Also, provide additional lighting such as LED lights on the wooden area on the wall.

18. LED Light Mirror Make The Room Feel More Alive

LED light mirror
Cc: Pinterest

Green parquet wood tiles on the walls give a fresh and more mature effect to this bathroom. The chosen dark green color will not look stand out in the bathroom if it is not given proper lighting. Therefore, it is appropriate to present LED lights right behind the large round mirror and also in the area between the wall and ceiling. And it becomes the next of minimalist bathroom ideas you can choose.

19. Minimalist Bathroom with Great Style

great minimalist bathroom
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The next of 25 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas Will Inspire You is a minimalist bathroom with great style. The walls in the bathroom look so very plain without decoration. Even so, one side of the wall is textured to give an interesting effect. Not only that, but the texture on one side of the wall also eliminates the monotone and boring impression of the minimalist concept.

20. Monochrome Minimalist Bathroom

monochrome minimalist bathroom
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Monochrome minimalist bathroom becomes the next of 25 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas Will Inspire You. Relying on just one color is quite risky. Because the room will easily look boring and stiff.

Compared to relying on one color, it would be better to choose two colors for the bathroom, or what is commonly referred to as the monochrome concept. We can combine white with jet black. Besides making the bathroom look attractive, the presence of jet black also gives a firm, mature, and calm side.

21. Neat and Plain

neat bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Neat and plain, this is what you think when you see the picture above. Although white is consistently applied to the bathroom, this small room is far from boring. On the contrary, this one bathroom has perfect serenity.

The use of large windows without grilles makes the minimalist concept perfect. And natural lighting that enters freely through the large window is the key to why this bathroom is far from monotonous, stiff, and boring.

22. Pink Fluted Wood Bathroom

pink fluted wood
Cc: Pinterest

Menggunakan dekorasi memang menjadi alternatif dalam membuat ruangan terlihat menarik. Namun, pada kamar mandi berkonsep minimalist, tentu kamu tidak dapat menghadirkan berbagai macam dekorasi.

Jika kita lihat pada gambar di atas, kamar mandi memang tidak memiliki dekorasi dinding yang menarik. Meskipun begitu, kamar mandi terlihat menarik dan jauh dari kesan kaku. Ini karena pink fluted wood adalah kuncinya.

Warna pink soft menghadirkan sisi calm sekaligus elegant. Apalagi ketika warna pink mendapatkan pencahayaan dari lampu yang membuatnya terlihat lebih hidup dan indah. And it becomes the next of minimalist bathroom ideas that you can make as an option.

23. Luxurious Minimalist Bathroom

luxurious bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

This minimalist bathroom looks so clean and tidy. Marble walls with black motifs are the mainstay of why this bathroom looks so charming and beautiful. Not only that, the mirror used is made long to the bottom of the vanity which makes the wall look taller. On the back of the mirror,  there are also LED lights that make the marble look lit in the bathroom.

For color issues, this minimalist bathroom chooses white as the main color and pastel blue as the color combination. These two colors blend perfectly and create a serene atmosphere. The bathroom also has a calm and comfortable feel from the wood material on the walls.

24. Industrial Minimalist Bathroom Design

industrial minimalist bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 25 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas Will Inspire You is an industrial minimalist bathroom design. As usual, where industrial design chooses dark colors for the interior. Even so, the bathroom is far from dark and cramped.

Because the room is small, one lighting right between the wet area and dry area is enough to make the bathroom look bright. The selected industrial-style lamp makes the industrial style look bolder.

25. Exposed Brick Wall Make It Great

exposed brick wall
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 25 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas Will Inspire You is an exposed brick wall that makes it great. This small minimalist bathroom looks bright with two large mirrors on the wall and a small round mirror on the other side of the wall. The white color gives a clean and tidy effect. And what’s interesting about this bathroom is the exposed brick wall on one side of the bathroom wall. Natural orange and brown colors make the bathroom feel calmer and warmer.

Final Words

Despite being the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is the room that is used most often. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to the comfort and beauty of this room. It is very appropriate to apply the minimalist concept to the bathroom. In this way, the bathroom will look more spacious, clean, and also neat. However, the minimalist concept often makes the room look monotonous, boring, and unattractive. And this is the reason why we created this article. In this article, we present a minimalist bathroom that is far from being stiff and boring. So, the points above are 25 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas that Will Inspire You.

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