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14 Mind Blowing Minimalist Living Room Design You Will Love To Have! – What comes through your mind when hearing the words of minimalist home design? Does it sound like white walls, wooden flooring, monochrome color painting, and some simple furniture? Well, the minimalist concept finds its substance in simplicity. Although it is simple but does not mean the selection of furniture is quite simple and tedious design. Minimalist home design has its own style, it says that “less is more”.

Minimalist concepts take a huge part in home designing. It is created to make our home more livable, more appealing, and so practical to apply in our living room spaces both small or big.

In this article, we appealing 14 mind-blowing minimalist living room designs you will love to have. Living room design adapts the minimalist concept will feature depth meaning and appearances. Don’t miss any of them!

Looks so Spacious In White!

spacious minimalist living room

This minimalist living room design looks so pleasing to the eye! It looks so spacious with white walls, beautiful tiles of wooden flooring. Combining with soft color furniture make this room so gorgeous in white. All we need to have furniture to have this pleasing living room are, a white pattern rug, modern light grey sofa, wooden coffee table, and two stools to provide more seating. It looks more comfortable with two wide windows that bring much natural sunlight to brighten up the room.

Add Greeneries Into Minimalist Living Room

minimalist living room design with greeneries

Let greeneries talk in this minimalist living room design. It brings a soothing effect by seeing green plants that contrast in pale living room hues. Now, let us talk about what things inside this gorgeous living room. It has tile work on the wall joining with extra-large windows that allows beautiful scenery outside. Taking a deeper look into this living room furniture, there is a light grey soft rug lying on the floor, a comfortable modern linen sofa, a round-shaped coffee table, and a modern floor lamp. This living room design looks so friendly with a wooden ceiling and extra-large view through the window.

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Appealing Mind Blowing Minimalist Living Room Design With Earthy Colors!

earthy colors wall living room design

Look at the gorgeous minimalist living room design in the picture above! It looks so fabulous with earthy colors and lets the lighting takes an important role in creating this wow living room design. Wall lighting creates great dimension on the black wall, supporting with flat line lighting take another action on the earthy color walls. That what is shine through this living room design. This lighting makes the dark living room come alive and brings a warm effect. Comfy seating area with a modern chaise sofa and a grey rug. When you come inside this living room, you will feel the depth sense of minimalist living room design. This minimalist living room design looks so masculine appearing with dominant earthy color and simple decoration, yet it looks so comfortable and warm!

Curved Sofa Take The Essential Of This Living Room Design

minimalist living room with curved sofa

A simple and chic minimalist living room design. Appearing a curved sofa that takes the essential look of this room, there is no overplaying adding furniture that tucks on this design. Adding minimalist furniture to make this living room look so spacious. Setting up the curved sofa facing the large window. It is leading us to a fantastic view of the city through the wide window! There two hallways in this room that set on the right and the other one on the left side, it connects to another room which can create a magical transition of a different room.

Decorate Minimalist Living Room Design With Art Work, Looks Insane!

minimalist living room design with artwork

What can we do to renovate our small living room spaces that can turn to be nice and artful spaces at home? Starting work on the floor, we can spread the interwoven oval rush rug, a Scandinavian sofa, and a rectangle pillow seat on the side. To support more lighting, we can add a standing floor lamp. Giving a touch of artwork in this simple living room decoration, such as abstract woman face line art. We do not need to be confused about finding artwork, there is much printable and affordable art we can apply in our room, so take it easy and be creative! Adding artwork in our living room can give a plus point to improve our small spaces living room, that is insane!

Minimalist Living Room Bold In Neutral Tone

bold neutral color for minimalist living room

Another mind-blowing minimalist living room design by playing bold of neutral tone. Choosing grey for the wall painted and some neutral tone furnishing for a minimalist living room is awesome too! We can set a wooden coffee table, earth color sofa, a wooden drawer, earthy color table lamp, a mirror on the wall, and installing a chandelier for lighting. It is so comfortable minimalist living room design that bold in a neutral tone.

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Minimalist Living Room Design With Wall Mirror

wall mirror for minimalist home design

A minimalist room design with wall mirror decoration creating a larger space. This friendly look living room space made up by soft color. A cream sofa blended well with a cream wall color. To design this minimalist living room looking more friendly, we can add a woven floor pillow, and adding standing floor light at the corner. If you like simple decoration but evokes a warm and friendly effect living room, you can try this minimalist design.

Minimalist Living Room Design: Simple Decoration, Insane Outcome!

simple decoration and warm minimalist living room ideas

Embracing simplicity in decoration is what stands out the most in minimalist design. Using soft colors and without over-decoration is a key to achieve an insanely good minimalist design. You will love a simple but chick living room design like in the picture above! All we need to have is a beige cushion sofa, a wicker rug, a round wooden coffee table, and a sweet rattan pendant lamp. This living room looks stand out without over decoration, we can feel a lot of minimalist symbols that said: “less is more” is true.  It’s an insane minimalist living room design you will love to have.

Minimalist Living Room Ideas: Feel Alive With Large Window!

ultr-large window for your minimalist living room ideas

When you have such a fantastic garden view that directly you can see through your living room space, don’t miss that! Alluring beautiful scenery outside of the window! We can make it happen obviously by installing a large window in our living room. By adding sets of minimalist furniture inside such as a cushion sofa, wooden table, and a cushioned rug will completely turn this minimalist living room design into a perfect spot to hang out with family or friends at home.

Elegant Minimalist Living Room Design

creating elegant living room with minimalist living room design

What comes to your mind to see this living room design in the picture above? Elegant wide spaces living room. This minimalist living room design features black and white hues dominantly. Installing dark wooden flooring, white wall, and ceilings combine well with the same hues furniture. Adding a gray modern sofa, comfortable fluffy rug, stand floor lamp, and some extra chairs to provide more seating. This looks insanely elegant and comfortable living room spaces, you will love to have this one.

Showing Clarity In Minimalist Interior Design

clarity in minimalist living room ideas

Let us guide you to another insane minimalist living room design. In this picture above, we can see clearly the clarity living room design by selecting the right furniture. We can copy this cool minimalist living room interior design by setting a white couch and two fashioned red modern chairs on each side of the couch creating dramatic contrast. To make this minimalist living room design adding a black marble coffee table, an abstract painting on the wall, and a chandelier. We can break the border between inside and outside by installing an ultra-large window, we can see the transition of fashionable living room design into the natural surrounding, that is insane! Do you fall in love with this minimalist living room design?

Minimalist Living Room Design With Leather Sofa

leather sofa for minimalist living room design

Another insane minimalist living room design we have already chosen is so identical to simple furnishing. Installing wooden flooring, white wall, and ceilings, and installing aptly large windows to allow natural sunlight to fulfill the whole room in bright. Both style and decoration balance in a simplicity. To improve and liven up the minimalist living room, we can add a brown leather sofa, fashionable wooden table, and standing floor lamp on the side. Comfy the seating area with a cushioned grey rug. Everything sets in simplicity but the outcome is so lit!

Mind Blowing Minimalist Living Room Decoration With Gold Accent!


combining gold accent to decorate minimalist living room design

We have jumped out to the next insane minimalist living room design. In this design, its appearing gold accent through the dominant earthy colors. Now, we look at the very base of this living room, installing wooden flooring, gold patterned rug, and then let us jump to the furniture selection! There area white modern sofa facing each other, a pellucid black coffee table between the sofa, there are two chairs overlooking the fireplace. And there is a gold accent that tuck to each side of the fireplace. We can see the natural surrounding outside through the large window and the other way, we feel so comfortable and warm inside with a roaring fireplace.

Black And White Minimalist Living Room Interior Design

a mysterious look minimalist living room design

A stylish but also mysterious black and white minimalist living room design. It has all white painted-walls and then contrasts with a black fashionable couch. Adding more black furniture that evokes a dramatic and mysterious look in this living room, set a black marble coffee table, two blacks standing floor lamp, a black big pot at the corner, a flat black shelf on the wall, and two identical black paintings sticking on the white wall. This is such a unique living room design that has created by white and black as a dominant color to fulfill the interior design. Do you fall in love with this minimalist living room design?

We have already seen many styles of the minimalist living room ideas above! What stands out the most from the minimalist concept are the pale colors of the wall, much using wooden for flooring even though not at all do the same rule. In decoration interiors, the minimalist design adapts a simplicity, so we will not see an over decoration in minimalist interior design. We jump out to the minimalist much-used window, appearing ultra-large window to blends the outside and inside perfectly. So then, the homeowner will able to see the transition of being outside and inside of the door at the same time.

A minimalist living room design can answer your desire to have an elegant, comfortable, or even unique fashion design. You can design what you want and express what you feel through minimalist design such as creating a mysterious and stylish living room by choosing lots of black furniture and blends in the all-white walls. If you are the type of person who needs a calm environment, minimalist design can be the option too! Choosing earthy colors for wall painted and simple furnishing to save a lot of space, open up your large window into a nice garden view that will calm your mind into the next level of relaxation! There are still lots of ways to express minimalist concept design. You can highlight something that represents who you are in your minimalist living room design.

So, that is all 14 mind-blowing minimalist living room designs you will love to have! We hope this article could help you to find out minimalist living room design that suits your style. Let’s be creative!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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