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Masculine Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas To Create Adventurous Manly Room Design– When you get tired and feel bored with the old decoration in your own room. That is the exact time, you have to renovate your own cave room. A bedroom is a private place that is not the only aim for sleeping or having rest. But, more than that, the bedroom could be an inspirational place that could boost our mood to start the day. In the end, any decoration should represent our thoughts and character, so we will feel comfortable inside.

There are lots of outstanding bedroom decorations throughout the net. It’s not an easy job to choose the bedroom theme that fits with our own desire. If you really need a peaceful bedroom decoration that could embrace your adventurous manly character. Then, the masculine bedroom design is what you need to!

Decorating the bold accent manly room style is not that easy and simple as it looks. We have to consider a few things to achieve our dream adventurous manly room design! First of all, we have to choose the dark color palette if we want to have a bold manly room ambiance. If you want to paint your man’s room type with a neutral color for such white, we have to be generous on the masculine wall decor.  Secondly, we can add sleek masculine bedroom furniture to embrace the simple line of manly decoration.

In this writing, we will be sharing with you some of the outstanding masculine bedroom wall decor ideas to bold your manly room decoration! Let’s have a look down below!

Brings out your adventurous soul with ocean waves print wall decor ideas!

Ocean waves print for masculine bedroom decoration

If you love to travel and wanna show a manly adventurous personality. Then, the ocean waves prints can be your option. Sticking them on the wall and let them take the attention in our bedroom.  The ocean waves feature will evoke our sight to handle any obstacle in our life. And at the same time, the blue tone water feature on the ocean prints will make us calm. So, don’t hesitate to bring them to the decoration to create an adventurous manly room design!

Deer bust wall decor

mouted deer bust in masculine bedroom decoration

Another way to evoke an adventurous men’s character in the bedroom is sticking the deer bust wall decor. The animal decoration accent embraces the wildlife’s natural living space. Sticking a deer bust wall decor on the backdrop will be a focal point of the men’s decoration in your bedroom. To give a rustic and quirky men’s room decor, we can add some candles to the table. The natural lighting concept really fits with jungle-life men’s bedroom decor! In addition, the fluffy blanket and pillowcase can give texture to your bedroom!

Metal world map

metal world map masculine wall decor

This masculine bedroom style using neutral color tone paint on the wall. The minimalist black poster joins the simple line decoration. In addition, the metal world map can be added to decorate the neutral wall. Put it on the backdrop and that could be a focal point in our bedroom. As we all know, the metal material accent decoration can feature the industrial design which is known very well for the men’s interior.

Geometric backlit wood accent wall!

backlit wood accent wall for masculine bedroom style

If you want to decorate your men’s cave bedroom with an outstanding wall project. Then, you can apply a geometric backlit accent wall for the backdrop! The men’s bedroom really embraces the modern touch to the design, whether it comes from stylish furniture or even a simple impactful masculine bedroom wall color!

This men’s bedroom features the wall factor by installing a luminous geometric backlit accent wall as the backdrop. When you open the door and step into this bedroom, you’ll be amazed by the gorgeous accent wall on the backdrop!

This geometric backlit accent wall made from pieces of wooden slabs. The refine textures of the wooden slabs create an elegant and sleek decoration to the interior. And starting to arrange the piece of wood, don’t forget to install the LED lamps beside the wooden slabs. After the wooden slabs neatly arranged, there we’re near to have an outstanding accent wall. Finally, turn on the lights and we’ll get the outstanding comfortable luminous accent wall shine. The LED lamps filled up every gap on the geometric wall. It creates a subtle look and the feature of geometric wooden slabs successfully creates a stylish modern decoration! Would you like to install this geometric backlit accent wall to make your bedroom even more stylish?

Animal poster

animal poster masculine bedroom wall decor ideas

Giving the statement manly bedroom decor by sticking an animal poster on the wall. Print it on the large size and stick it on the backdrop to create a focal point of your bedroom style. The lion is the king of the forest, it can symbolize that you are a king in your own room and no one takes that place from you. The giant lion poster also brings a lot of charisma to your bedroom decor. Moreover, we can add modern walls and pendant lights to give the charming modern decor!

Abstract painting

abstract wall decor ideas in the masculine bedroom decor

Talking about men’s bedroom decoration is so vary and unexpected. Creating their own bedroom aesthetic is quite interesting to follow. Just like this men’s bedroom decoration that combines pattern, texture, and outstanding pieces of art. The large abstract print set on the backdrop gives an open mind perspective.

Another key point we want to highlight in this manly bedroom style is using a two-tone accent wall. On the backdrop side, there is a black statement wall has featured. On the other side, the white brick wall softens the look and offers to welcome rather than the rigid environment. Then, the wooden flooring and ceiling create a laidback feel to this men’s bedroom. Moreover the woven jute rug and fluffy blanket give a unique pattern to this room. The quirky design meets an outstanding wall art that gives an impactful masculine bedroom decor!

Quirky wall light concept!

quirky wall light in the masculine bedroom

The lighting concept is one of the most important things in decorating men’s bedroom style. When the sun goes down, there is the exact time we can see the sexy ambiance inside the men’s cave bedroom. The darkroom color tone gives will look so comforting with the proper lighting concept. In this men’s room project, some LED lamps to fulfill every gap from the wall timber paneling. Installing Led light on the wall to the ceiling creates a subtle transitional lighting concept. In addition, we will feel more comfortable sleeping with the subtle LED lamps paneling concept like this!


There are many ways to decorate our masculine bedroom, it depends on your mood and ideas to make. If you are confused about how to decorate your own room. You can go with some outstanding masculine bedroom wall decor ideas we already shared with you above. Anyway, there are plenty of ideas to create a unique and unexpected masculine bedroom style. Start from basic, we can stick a large poster for such animal or abstract print on the wall. Or even, creating an outstanding lighting concept on the wall to create a dramatic effect in our room! We hope you enjoy the projects, hopefully, it could help you all out in decorating your men’s bedroom decor ideas!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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