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Decorative Perennials For Easy and Cheap Backyard Landscaping Idea

Jordlinghome.com – When we come to decorate our backyard garden. We have to know the cost of landscaping we would spend on it. And it is an easy or hard-maintenance garden. For a busy homeowner, and for those who do not want to spent too much cost on backyard decorating ideas.

There are many options available to create affordable and cheap backyard landscaping. For instance, decorate our garden with affordable cheap decorative plants. In addition, we can install a garden path to create an outstanding garden look.

In this writing our focus on cheap and easy landscaping tips. Choosing some perennials to decorate our garden is a great idea. They are inexpensive plants, and some of them are categorized as wild plants. Even so, they are beautiful and less maintained.

Down below, we will introduce you to some beautiful perennials types that could decorate your backyard landscaping! So, do not miss any of them!


peonies for cheap backyard ideas

The first beautiful easy to plant perennial flower is peonies. Basically, there are a few types of peonies. But we want to share with you this gorgeous peony called Paeonia lactiflora. They come with thrive cute pink huge flowers, so they will perfect to decorate our backyard landscaping!

There are some full-sun tolerant and some like to live in shade sun. These pink peonies love to live in partial shade and moist soil. So, make sure to keep them in the shade place not direct to the full-sun spot. If you maintain them properly, these peonies will stand for a hundred. They are beautiful, easy to maintain, and cheap, do you love this perennial to decorate your garden space?

Bleeding heart

bleeding heart perennial

Another perennial type we want to share with you is a bleeding heart. When we take a look at its shape, it has a good heart shape and there is a stem that goes down, making it look like a bleeding heart.

Growing this perennial must be in the rich soil, and slightly acidic. They love to live in partial shade. Home gardener, we can add some mulch on the ground to add organic materials to the perennial plant. It can hold waters that useful to keep the moist soil.

The heart bleeding perennial can grow until 3 feet tall. There is three color shade of this heart bleeding plant. There is red, white, and pink color tone. You can pick what you love the most!

Catmint perennial

catmint perennial to decorate garden space

Do you want to make your backyard garden look so lovely with colorful flowers? If so, this catmint can be added to your garden landscaping. Growing catmint in the sunny of your garden but enough drainage, and rich soil. We can pour compost to the ground, so it will thrive. When we look at the outside of the road, the blue shade flower of catmint looks like lavender.

This perennial not only gives an aesthetic to our garden but also can attract some bees to come. They love to perch in the foliage of the catmint. If you love to look your backyard garden more natural, you can grow some plants that can attract wildlife nature. For instance this catmint perennial!


Hostas to decorate our backyard

Hostas are native to Asia that has beautiful wide green foliage. We can grow this plant in light and partial shade. Looking for their native home, hostas live in the stream banks and river which has moist soil and a well-drainage system. So, if we want to grow this plant in our backyard, make sure it has fertile and moist soil.

We can grow them in pots if you choose clay pots to plant hostas. Making sure you double the pot with a plastic pot inside. Remember that a clay pot can drain water fast so better to layer it with a plastic pot.

There are three varieties of hostas, they are green, blue, and white hostas. The green foliage is most tolerant to the sun, in the opposite way white foliage hostas are easy to burn. And the blue foliage hostas can turn into a green color shade.


daisy for backyard garden

Another easy-to-grow perennial to decorate our backyard garden is daisy. They are one of many flower loving-sun. Their charm will make your day cheerful! If you look out for easy grow flowers and less care flowers then daisy is might best for you! You can grow them from seed, or root division, we are pretty sure they can live easily.


daylily beautiful perennial flower

Another easy grow plant to decorate our backyard garden is the daylily. This might be the best perennials flower. It can withstand around 6 hours of full sun and has beautiful features. It comes in various colors such as yellow, red shade, white, etc. You can choose any daylily color shade to perfect your garden landscaping! They can live in a little amount of water, but they are bloom frequently. It’s such a beneficial perennial for a busy home gardener!

Butterfly bush


butterfly bust to attract wild life backyard

There are many ways to create an inviting garden, for instance installing a water feature, decorative plant landscaping, and so on. And in this time, we guide you to have a garden that can attract animals to come. As its name, butterfly bush can attract butterfly to come. tHis perennial produce a lot of nectar all year round. That what makes butterflies love this plant so much!


hydrangeas for blooming garden

If you love the plant with dozens of blooming flowers, you can choose hydrangeas! These decorative perennials have come in various outstanding colors. From the pink, lavender, blue shade, etc that will enhance the beauty of your garden!

Home gardener, we have to know some basic tips to grow hydrangeas. Imagining that this perennial can grow in a huge size, give the space for them to grow. Then, making sure that the soil is keeping a well-drainage system. They love to get morning sun and partial shade afternoon sun. If we take care of them in a proper way they will thrive for around 50 years!


lavender for aromatic garden

Do you love to smell something nice when you step your feet in the backyard? If so, you can create an herb garden. In another way, lavender can be planted to give a charming accent while giving a nice aroma in our garden! This decorative perennial is well known for its usage. The oil comes from the lavender plant is commonly used for aromatherapy. It promotes calmness to our sensory. So, without a doubt, we can grow this perennial in our backyard!

The advantage of growing perennials for enchanting our backyard garden

  • There are dozens of colorful perennials that could enhance the beauty of our garden.
  • Commonly perennials are inexpensive, so if you plan to have a cheap garden idea. Then, perennials suit the most for your garden landscaping.
  • Perennials are fast-growing plants and easy to take care of. If you are a busy homeowner, but you want to look long-lasting beautiful garden then perennials are what suit you the most.


Decorate our outdoor space could elevate the curb appeal of our property. Besides that, having a beautiful garden could give us happiness. Especially when all the flowers bloom and show their beauty!

In this writing, we have collected some of the best perennials that easy to maintain. And they also commonly inexpensive, which will not drain your pocket! Providing various colors of blooming plants will attract our feeling to cheer the outdoor space. As a result, we’ve got a perfect place to hang out in our home!

Experience 5 years as a home designer. I would like to share an outstanding contents for our readers . Hopefully, you would like what I write.


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