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18 Entryway Decoration Ideas You Must Apply to Your Home – The entryway is the first thing you encounter when entering the house. So, this area provides the first impression that will present the entire interior of the house. Therefore, it is important to make the entryway look attractive. However, still pay attention to the functionality. The entryway is only an area encountered when entering the house, a place to take off sandals and put items that cannot be brought into the inside of the house. So, keep decorating the entryway properly and correctly (not excessively). That way, functionality and beauty still go hand in hand. And, in this article, we have provided 18 Entryway Decoration Ideas You Must Apply to Your Home. So, let’s check it out!

1. A Custom Bench as Tiny Mudroom

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Mudrooms are usually built at the side or back door of the house. Even so, this is still the first room you see when you enter the house. And, as the entryway, you must pay attention to the beauty of this room. Make the mudroom as simple as possible by utilizing the corner area of the room.

The custom bench in the mudroom is made in a different color, namely dark green, which is a neutral color that still matches the interior. With white as the base color, the dark green become stands out. At the top, remove the barrier between the wall and the mudroom by installing floating wall shelves. There, you can put some displays that can enhance this entryway. And, this becomes the first of 18 Entryway Decoration Ideas You Must Apply to Your Home.

2. Large Lantern Filled with Candles

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Play with the lighting to create a more romantic look and atmosphere. The large lantern is a good decoration for the entry way. You can fill the lantern with some candles. So, when the candles are lit in a row, the yellow light will provide warmth to the atmosphere of the room.

Take advantage of the beauty of the fire from these candles to honor the entry way. So, put the lantern filled with candles in a spot visible to the eye. You can place it right next to the wooden bench. And, avoid putting it in the corner of the room. Because its size is not too high, the lantern is not suitable for placing in the corner of the room.

3. A Simple Table Cabinet Decor

table cabinet
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This entryway has a harmonious appearance by using the same wood material for the doors and table cabinets. The light wood is also applied to the floor. So, the interior of the entryway is only filled with two colors, namely soft white and light brown from the wood. With this, the feel of the entryway is more calm and natural.

Maintain calm in the entryway by not over-decorating. Keep the table cabinet simple by only relying on a few displays. Plants are the most appropriate display for you to choose from. The natural green color will increase the natural impression and fresh feeling of the entryway. Use a table lamp as a source of lighting at night. Make this item look aesthetic by putting it on the stacked magazines. And, for the middle area, you can fill it with a round mirror.

4. Oval Mirror on The Wall

oval mirror
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The walls are painted gray with a beige shade made plain for a simpler impression. Also, this makes the entryway not look excessive which can disturb eye comfort. There are only a few wall hangers to put coats, outerwear, and bags.

Indeed, the entryway is better to keep simple. However, the appearance will seem stiff and boring. Therefore, displays are still needed even in small quantities. The empty wall area is filled with an oval mirror with a black frame which makes it stand out on the wall. The curved lines from the mirror disguise the perpendicular lines in this minimalist entryway. it is great at softening the look of a room and not making it stiff.

5. Show Off Your Memories

wall decor
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Showing off your memories is the next of 18 Entryway Decoration Ideas You Must Apply to Your Home. The pictures are hung as wide as the table cabinet. With a black frame, the pictures manage to look attractive on the wall. Hanging them parallel gives a neat impression to the entry room.

What makes these pictures look interesting and different from other pictures is that the outer area of the photo is made white. So, the photos look smaller even though the pictures are large. This is the right way to maintain the concept of the room. The neutral and natural impression is more consistent here.

6. Floating Table with Minimalist Decoration

floating table
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If the entryway is too small, presenting a table cabinet will only take up space and give a narrower impression. Besides not being good in terms of appearance, this is also not good in terms of comfort. So, replace the use of a table cabinet with a hanging table. This is the next of 18 Entryway Decoration Ideas You Must Apply to Your Home.

You can use the empty lower area as a storage area. A wicker basket or rattan basket is the most appropriate option. Besides being a storage place, it also becomes decoration which can add aesthetic value and a natural impression to the entryway. So, it will match with other natural decorations such as plants.

7. Wooden Bench for You to Sit

wooden bench
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Using the bench is much better than using a custom bench. It will save your budget a lot. Because here, the most important thing is functionality. The bench functions as a place for you to sit when wearing shoes. However, the function of the bench can be doubled as a spot to increase the aesthetic value and beauty of the entryway.

Throw pillows are the right decoration for the bench. Three or four throw pillows are enough to beautify this area. However, also pay attention to the pillowsheet. It would be better to use pillow sheets in neutral colors such as beige and gray. Avoid choosing pillow sheets with full patterns for entryways with a natural and minimalist concept.

8. Get A Freshness with Plants

fresh entryway
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There is nothing more refreshing than plants. So, if you want to decorate your entryway and present freshness in this room, then indoor plants are the most appropriate decoration to choose from. It is also a great option for the natural entryway concept. Especially for white entryway nuances. The white color will neutralize the appearance so that the natural green color of the plants can be seen very clearly.

Using tables is an effective way to focus freshness on the entryway. This is the main spot to decorate. And, here you can also express your creativity.

So that freshness can spread throughout the entryway, place plants in the bottom and top areas of the table. Two plants are enough to provide freshness to the entryway.

9. Utilize Your Shoe Rack

shoe rack
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Utilizing existing items in the room as decorative areas is an effective way to save your budget. Like this idea which uses the shoe rack in the entryway. At the top tier, the racks are not filled with shoes but with displays that make the entryway look attractive, beautiful, and aesthetic.

The wooden round tray is placed on the top level of the shoe rack. Apart from being a decoration, it is also a storage place for your items such as gloves, glasses, and others. The other side is filled with a black basket that looks integrated with the shoe rack. This also not only provides beauty to the entryway but also a place to put letters.

10. Black and White Entryway Decor

black and white entryway
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The next of 18 Entryway Decoration Ideas You Must Apply to Your Home is a black and white entryway decor. Two of these neutral color groups are the most perfect color combinations. White gives a bright impression and black vice versa. However, black can create calm in your room.

Due to the limited size, white is the most appropriate color for the entryway. It can make this room brighter. Dark corners seem to disappear, making it feel more spacious. And, the black color as an accent eliminates the stiff impression of the entryway. Even though the application is relatively small, this is done in a scattered manner so that the black color is not covered by the white color that dominates the room.

11. The Cabinet Go to The Ceiling

floating cabinet
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The entryway is often used as a mudroom, which stores many items. And, if these items are simply placed in an area that is visible to the eye, the entryway will appear messy and dirty. Therefore, quite a lot of storage space is needed in this room.

A custom bench with storage is not enough for storage. Therefore, the entryway or mudroom usually has a cupboard or cabinet. Like this idea which uses a floating cabinet. The choice of white cabinets makes them blend in with the walls so that the small entryway does not seem cramped. Also, the go-to-the-ceiling installation creates a high effect on the wall. It is good to make this small room feel more spacious.

12. Minimalist Entryway Design

entryway decors
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Minimalist entryway design is the next of 18 Entryway Decoration Ideas You Must Apply to Your Home. Even though it is minimalist, the entryway has a very clean and neat concept. The color selection was done very carefully. Also, several aspects are very well considered, from materials to lighting. With this, a simple entryway does not seem stiff and boring.

The walls are made simpler to maintain a simple and minimalist impression. However, the wall panels themselves are enough to decorate the entire entryway. You just need a little extra touch in the form of a round mirror with a black frame. Black sconces on the right and left sides also enhance the beauty of the room. And, the black color is increasingly extended to the pendant lamp.

Natural lighting can be maximized by choosing glass doors. The light that enters through this door really helps to light up the room and makes the texture and colors in the room more lively.

13. Small Wooden Stool

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Do not worry about the small entryway. With the right decoration, it can feel cozy. Here, care is needed in choosing furniture. Due to limited space, using large furniture is strictly prohibited. It is better to replace it with a smaller one that has the same function. In this idea, the bench is replaced with a small wooden stool. It is placed right next to the shoe rack.

Even though it is small in size, the small wooden stool manages to stand out in the entryway. There is a black color there which makes it clearly visible. Moreover, the entryway is made with a white concept which makes the appearance neutral.

14. Maximize Existing Space

small entryway decor
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Limited space means you could not use the furniture and decorations you want. In fact, the entryway which also functions as a mudroom must store quite a large amount of goods. Therefore, one way is to maximize the existing space.

The bench is customized with storage at the bottom. You can make this area more attractive by using additional storage such as a wicker basket or rattan basket. Natural materials will add a natural impression to the entryway. Besides that, using baskets is also very helpful in storing things and keeping them out of sight in the room. With this, the neatness of your entryway can be maintained very well.

15. The Wallpaper Enhance The Entryway

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If you think your entryway looks very simple but do not know how to decorate it anymore, then installing wallpaper is the solution. You no longer think about having to organize the layout and provide more space to just decorate an entryway.

The wallpaper is not installed on all walls to maintain a calm atmosphere in the entryway. So, this is only applied to part of the wall, including the inside of the bench and cabinet.

Wallpaper with a white base color will match the interior. And, for the pattern, adjust it to the colors that are already there. Like this idea uses wallpaper with a green leaf pattern which is the same color as the cabinet.

16. Rug for Spacious Feel

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Instead of just caring about aesthetics, it would be better to use decorations that can also add to the comfort of the entryway. Rug is one of them. Using rugs can create a wide effect in your small entryway. And, this is the next of 18 Entryway Decoration Ideas You Must Apply to Your Home.

Make sure the rug size fits the width of the entryway. The rug should not be too small but it shouldn’t be too big either. For color, match the interior. And, for the pattern, it would be better to choose a rug with a simple pattern. This is a safe way to decorate your entryway.

17. Natural Wall Accent

wall accent
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The entryway has a natural appearance by relying on natural elements. White as the main color neutralizes the appearance. That way, other colors and textures present in the entryway will be seen more clearly.

Apart from the table cabinet with decoration that is quite simple but attractive, the wall accent is also no less interesting. Timber is installed vertically, giving a high effect on the wall so that the small entryway feels wider. Hanging plants are also hung on the timber which gives freshness to the room. The natural green color adds a natural feel to the entryway.

18. Elegant Entryway Decor

elegent entryway
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The last of 18 Entryway Decoration Ideas You Must Apply to Your Home is an elegant entryway decor. White is an effective color for room interiors. With this color, it will be easier for you to decorate. Also, the white color gives a bright and lively effect to the entryway display. Especially if the entryway gets maximum natural lighting.

The green sofa bench changes the appearance to a natural and fresh look. Other freshness can also be felt from the plants that decorate the area next to the bench. Hang a round mirror on an empty white wall. The touch of gold on the pot, mirror frame, and pendant light brings a perfect elegant impression to this entryway.

Final Words

As the first impression you get when entering a house, the entryway has a very important role here. The appearance will present the overall beauty and comfort of your home interior. Therefore, make the entryway look attractive but does not interfere with the function of the entryway itself. And, the points above are 18 Entryway Decoration Ideas You Must Apply to Your Home. You can choose one or more of the points above. Combining some of the ideas above will be much more interesting. However, pay attention to the area, layout, concept and design of your room. So, good luck all!

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