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Open Layout Project With Creative Partition Ideas To Create A Spacious Interior – For the open home layout project, we need something that gives privacy but doesn’t cut it off completely. For instance, we want to create privacy between the living room and family room spot. Blocking the space with the wall will create a cramped area. We want something that gives privacy but does not strictly cut off the space. In the modern home interior, we are commonly seeing creative partition designs that decorate the space. More than that, the partition installation is not only given the privacy wall but enhances the beauty and aesthetic interior aspect in modern home living. In this writing, we will show you how the partition can make a spacious interior. Dividing two rooms or more with an aesthetic divider room idea creates more interesting visualization. So, let’s go to the project of how the partition gives the aesthetic and creates a spacious interior down below!

Timber panel partition

timber panel partition idea

Here we have a modern home design using a partition to divide the family room with the living room. Giving the privacy wall by installing a classy timber partition design. It can be slid to the side. The hollow through the partition creates a comfortable silhouette and gives a perfect interior look. It is made from timber wood with a glossy finish to create an elegant look and warm welcoming modern interior design. More than that, when the sun rises up and blasts into this bright interior, we will see the sun cascading through the partition hollow create a warm ambiance. As we can see the simple and airy partition like this timber panel idea give proper privacy and an airy divider that makes the space larger.

Decorative wooden partition

wooden partition

Another creative room divider is featuring a decorative wooden partition. We can see the carving wood looks so beautiful. Then put in the interior space to divide the room section. Traditionally, we make the wall as a divider, but now we tend to love various partition ideas to function as the divider and also give the aesthetic accent to the interior. Another advantage of installing partitions is they give a larger interior visual. When we need a privacy screen without cutting off all the interior space look. This wooden partition gives a privacy wall and a welcoming warm ambiance to the interior. So, when you need to create a separate room without cutting it off completely then applying partition into your interior project is a good idea! And when you are confused about what kind of partition to choose, we suggest you get a wooden partition for creating a warm ambiance interior. And when you want the interior to look sophisticated and durable you might need a metallic partition idea.

Friendly wooden partition idea

friendly room divider idea

If you live in a studio apartment that has one single room and need to manage the space. Where is supposed to be the bedroom, living room, and might be the kitchen? Well, let’s be happy with the presence of a partition that really helps the small interior to manage the space! Here we have the friendly wooden partition style complete with greenery. Sticking some pots of greeneries onto the wooden slats. The wooden screen idea is quite appealing but more than that the greenery adds charm and a relaxing accent to the interior. As we can see, this partition looks so beautiful, artistic, yet relaxing. Dividing the living room area with a small office, this green-friendly themed screen to be the focal point of your interior!

Even though we have a small living space we have to be grateful and thinking how to decorate the space with accurate decoration. Just like this green partition idea its presence gives a private room and also successfully gives a green visualization. These greeneries are not only infused the space with a relaxing accent but also afford quality air inside. It purifies the air inside and produces cleaner air to breathe that could improve our health!

Glass partition idea

glass partition idea

Here we have one room that functions as three different rooms. First, it is functioning as the living room in the front, behind it there is the small but cozy office, and the last area functions as the dining spot. Now, we are spotting into the partition concept in this lovely small apartment. We can see there is a wall in front of the living room that connects with a small office. This wall can reduce the noise and create a better environment for the workspace area. And then we can see the is the glass partition between the dining area and the office. The glass partition can divide the room without blocking the area. So, this small and tight room really fits to have a glass partition to separate the room in the same place!

Classy metallic partition style

metal partition idea

Another beautiful partition idea to be installed in your home is the metallic divider room. The glossy accent of the metal and finished with gold accent really suit the modern and luxurious home design. This partition is not only gives the clarity of separating the two-room but also its presence gives texture to the minimalist clean line interior. The glossy accent flooring meets beautiful and elegant partition ideas that will successfully create aesthetic luxurious modern home living! So, do you like to install this metallic partition into your modern living?

Multifunctional room divider

double purpose divider wall

Now, we have a multifunctional room divider idea. The sliding partition tuck with cabinetry. So, when we slide through the rights, the cabinet display some collection of your furnishing decorations. And when the door closed, it transform into closed cabinetry. This cabinetry offers multifunction stuff. the first one is the cabinetry door and the other side it offers as the partition that can provide privacy for two rooms. Do you love this multifunction partition idea to be installed in your lovely home?


Talking about the interior space, we need to divide some rooms and also we need a privacy wall. So, that we are blocking one room to another with the solid wall. But, for the small home or apartment, blocking the space and making it into a few rooms by installing a dividing concrete wall will make the space feel cramped. In the modern home interior, we can see some cool partition projects that could handle the privacy and aesthetic decor at the same time. The benefit of having a partition is we get the screen that could divide the rooms, and also makes the tiny space feel airer. More than that, it successfully gives the aesthetic accent decor to the whole interior. In this writing, we have collected some of the best partition ideas that could apply to your home decor project!

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