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10 Planet-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Clean

What have you done lately to make your cleaning routine greener? You don’t have to do everything overnight or all in one go. Instead, start incorporating small and easy eco-friendly cleaning tips into your everyday cleaning schedule. You can get the ball rolling with these 10 planet-friendly ways to keep your home clean.

1. Ditch Adhesive Lint Rollers — When you get pet hair on your clothes or you see it all over your furniture, your first instinct might be to use those adhesive lint rollers. After all, they’re quick and easy to use. However, keep in mind all those sticky sheets add up after a while. They’re also actually cumbersome to use because you have to keep tearing out the sheets and replacing them. Instead, use a pet hair remover tool where all you have to do is swipe, remove the hair and keep going. You can even use it on your pet to brush their fur.

2. DIY Cleaning Solutions —  According to Environmental Magazine, there are plenty of reasons to make your own cleaning solutions at home. There are tons of online recipes that are environmentally friendly. DIY cleaning solutions can reduce your environmental impact and also help you save money.

3. Reuse and Repurpose — Whenever possible, reuse and repurpose items you have at home. Even something like a large pet hair remover tool can be used to not only remove pet hair from your furniture at home but also groom your pet. Are you still using paper towels? Don’t worry. Most of us are. However, did you know that there’s a greener alternative? Instead of using paper towels all of the time, try reusable towels, old sheets or old clothes instead. You can reuse and repurpose things you already have at home to give them a second life.

Woman holding wicker basket with natural eco-friendly zero waste plastic free cleaning items: brushes, rugs, soap, essential oils, spray and sponges at the kitchen. Plastic free home.

4. Use Natural Scents — You don’t need to use the latest store-brand fabric or air freshener in your home. Instead, use natural ingredients you already have at home to create your own potpourri or other natural scents at home. That includes cleaning products you may already have. Consider using vinegar and baking soda to help get rid of mold and mildew without having to resort to harsh chemicals for cleaning and then air fresheners to clean them up.

5. Don’t Use Air Fresheners — If you’re looking for some planet-friendly alternatives to air fresheners, try soy candles. Opt for soy candles made without phthalates. Go for essential oil diffusers. If you have any pets or young ones at home, you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing essential oils that are pet-safe and baby-safe, too.

6. How to Donate Responsibly — The good news is that you know not to just throw away that old t-shirt you no longer want to wear. However, if you’re going to donate, you’ll want to donate responsibly. That means washing and drying your old clothes before you donate them. Any clothes you donate should be in decent condition for another person to wear them again.

7. Open Your Windows — You may not have thought about this simple and easy trick to keep your home clean, but opening up your windows can let fresh air in and help your home smell brand new. There’s nothing quite like fresh air. If you ever need to leave your home to get some fresh air, which we all need to do from time to time, your home could also use some fresh air. Freshen up the rest of your rooms by using a reusable pet hair remover tool to get rid of excess pet hair and other dirt and debris that’s added up over time.

8. Use Green Products — Read the label and do your research before getting any cleaning products for your home. Are the cleaning products you’re using green? Are they cruelty-free? Beware of brands that practice greenwashing, meaning that they’re using jargon that makes it sound like they’re environmentally friendly but not actually helping the planet.

zero waste eco friendly cleaning concept. wooden brushes, lemon, baking soda, vinegar

9. Run the Dishwasher Only When It’s Full — Don’t run the dishwasher if it’s only half full. While you don’t want to overload your dishwasher either, you can run the dishwasher once the racks are relatively full from top to bottom. Don’t do a cycle if there are just a few plates and utensils in there. It might take a day or even two before you see the dishwasher at full capacity, but that way, you can conserve water and energy.

10. Get a Plant — Plants can help give your home some extra life while acting as a natural aesthetically pleasing fixture in your home. Besides looking great, plants are naturally efficient air purifiers. You don’t need to get a fancy air purifier. Just get a plant and let the plant get to work. The plant will improve the air quality in your home by absorbing pollutants through its leaves and roots.

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