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Handy Tips to Keep The House and Office Cool This Summer

With the sultry summer threatening to make your days uncomfortable, you would be looking for viable means to cool down your office or house. Of course, having an operational AC would keep your interiors cool. However, you need to look beyond ACs and fans in summer. So, let’s check out some effective means that should help you cool down your home or office this summer.

How to cool down your interiors during the summer months?

1. Insulate your ceiling

Insulating your ceiling is an inexpensive way to cool down your home during summer. Hire a professional installer, capable of integrating effective materials on the roof to block the heat. Try to cover most of the ceiling since any gap would allow the hot air to come inside. In case the ceiling already has insulation, get an additional layer.

2. Seal cracks and gaps

Any crack or gap would allow external heat to get into your home. Without professional support, it might be tough to detect these vents. Check the skirting boards and narrow spaces along the doors and windows. Also, check the exhaust fans and ceiling vents.

3. Clean AC ducts

In case your property has ducted cooling systems, hire a reputed air conditioning Geelong company to get the ducts cleaned. This ensures that they wouldn’t leak cool air. When you plan to purchase a new AC, get an appliance with a higher star rating to ensure energy efficiency.

Quick tips to keep your interiors cool

  • Close the door between the cooler and warmer parts of your home. Try to spend most of the time in the shade or work in the cooler parts.
  • Close the windows on the walls facing the sun. It would prevent the heat from directly getting indoors.
  • Before you turn on your AC, put the fans on. This way, you can maintain healthy air circulation for optimal consolation indoors.
  • If you find the outdoors cooler than the indoors, make sure to open your windows. It generally happens early in the morning or during the night. Using a thermometer, you would know the temperature inside and outside your home.
  • On hot days, refrain from using your stove or oven. Sit at the BBQ outside or get a micro-oven.
  • Try to dry your clothes under the sun rather than using a cloth dryer. Otherwise, the indoor air would quickly turn hot. Besides, switch off the halogen or larger lights that generate lots of heat. Install some LED lights that don’t generate much heat.
  • To keep your energy bills low, cool only the room where you live, and not the entire building. To enhance the efficiency of your AC, make sure to replace the filters at regular intervals.
  • To keep your body cool, try changing your eating habits. Consume plenty of water to remain hydrated and avoid caffeinated drinks.

As a measure to prevent outdoor heat from disrupting your comfort, you may also consider incorporating thermal mass and insulating your walls. Besides, work closely with one of the leading heating and cooling ballarat experts to ensure that your AC remains properly functional during the hot months. A pre-summer tune-up would be ideal to retain the best standards of performance in these appliances.

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