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Making An Office Out of Your Shed  

The modern model of working shifts heavily towards working from home. In fact, more than 30 per cent of work in the US was done from home in January 2023, six times the normal figures from 2019. Clearly, the pandemic trend of working from home is here to stay. As a result, a lot of home improvements these days involve the conversion of a room into a dedicated office space. However, if you don’t want to sacrifice a space in the house to work, a great option is to convert your shed into an office.

The Benefits of an Outside Office

There are many benefits to having a dedicated workspace within the home. It helps mentally to detach from the distractions of home while working, and simultaneously to switch off from work when the day is done. Having an outside office in a converted shed is even better. The physical action of leaving the house, even if the commute is just to the bottom of the garden, can help you to get in the right frame of mind to work. Being away from household noises and distractions can help you to concentrate, and you don’t’ bring work back home with you when you finish. Furthermore, you don’t have to crampy your existing living space or clutter up your home with work equipment and files. Evidently, an outdoor office is the way forward! 

What You Need to Consider

There are few factors to take into consideration when converting a shed to be used as an office. We will discuss a few of these now to help you get started.


Before you even get started there are few things you want to do to get the shed prepped and ready to be converted. Strip the shed and give it a deep clean, looking out for any rot or mould. Inspect the roof for leaks and fix any damaged areas. Clean and paint the exterior of the shed to give it a new professional look. This will set the tone for the rest of the project to follow. 


You need to create a comfortable temperature in which to work and to do so insulation is a must. Not only will it make your office in the shed warmer, but it will also add another layer of protection against damp. The installation of moisture resistant plasterboard, a two in one solution that provides both insulation and a layer of plasterboard, is a great addition to keep out the damp and keep in the heat.


No doubt your work will require electricity, even if it’s just to power your personal kettle to keep you fuelled with coffee throughout the day. You will also need to power your computer and other equipment in order to do your job. Therefore, it’s important that you get the help of a qualified electrician to help you get this set up properly. You want to avoid any problems arising in the future, as well making sure the project meets building regulatory standards, and getting the help of an expert will ensure that


There may be various supplies and equipment that you will need to store in your shed office, so you can find the best methods of doing so in the space that you have. For example, you could put up some shelves for books and files. Magnetic strips could hold metallic objects like keys or scissors. Storage racks mounted to the wall could work for storing old paperwork. With a few invention storage solutions, you will save space and create a clutter free environment perfect for work.

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