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Impress Your Guests Instantly with These Interior Design Tips

Are you having loved ones visit your home for the first time? There is no doubt that you are going to want to make a good first impression. You want to show how luxurious and beautiful your home is but in a way that is not too overt. In other words, you want your home to look effortlessly good and without your guests knowing you have rearranged all of the furniture. So, here are some interior design tips that are going to help you impress your guests and create a stunning place to live with your family.

Create Open Space 

One mistake that a lot of homeowners make is trying to cram too many things into a room. Perhaps you feel like you have to add a lot of decor to make the place look comfortable and welcoming. But, the interior design world says the opposite. In fact, you want to make sure that you create rooms that are spacious. You do not want there to be a lot of clutter and open space makes a room look bigger. In particular, you can keep things open plan. Even if you cannot get rid of a lot of items in your home, simple things like painting the walls white in a room can make a space look more open and free than it actually is.

Focus on Light

Light is important for every room in the home. A dark room is not welcoming and it can bring the mood down when you have guests over. Alternatively, a room being too bright can be dazzling and put your actions under the spotlight. You want to make sure that you have ambient lighting in a room that is going to make the place comfortable. For instance, adding pleated lampshades iwill deliver on style, add more than a little sophistication as well as introduce a calming light to a room.

Add Some Natural Green

If you want to make an impact on your guests, it is time to add some plants to your living space. This is something that creates the feeling of cleanliness and can allow the air quality in a room to be better. What’s more, it can be refreshing to break up the colors in a room with natural green plants. You can complement your existing décor with the plant pots. We know that not everybody is going to be good at looking after real plants. So, if this applies to you, there are some artificial plants that are going to have the same effect and do not require any maintenance.

Play with Wallpaper

Plain and painted walls can be boring. Perhaps you are thinking about adding some artwork but you are not sure what to select. After all, art is selective and you might be afraid that your guests will not like your style. Well, a safe way to add color and texture to your home is to choose wallpaper. This is something that you can play around with and have fun. It will attract the eye of your guests and it can instantly add interest to a room.

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