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A Guide To Buy Tankless Water Heaters in 2022

Tankless water heaters are the perfect solution if you want hot water in your home ready in your tank. The best part about these water heaters is that they do not waste any energy and use the system efficiently.

According to the tankless water heater experts, these heaters are more efficient in heating the water and prove to be eco-friendly. If you have an average-sized family, it will cost you around $100 annually. However, it is not a lot of money considering the convenience and luxury of hot water you get, especially if you are living in a freezing climate.

This article will provide you with a complete buying guide for tankless water heaters in 2022.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

It is also known as an instant water heater because it instantly provides hot water to your home. It is the best type of water heater that you can install in your home if you do not want to waste energy. These water heaters do not store the water and provide hot water at the spot.

Types of Tankless Water Heaters

There are a lot of different types of water heaters which are available in the market nowadays. Every water heater has its benefits and advantages, but it will depend upon your requirements on what you will purchase. Let’s have a look at the types of tankless water heaters below.

  • Gas
  • Electronic
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Condensing
  • Non-condensing

Factors of Consideration when Purchasing a Tankless Water Heater


When purchasing a tankless water heater, the first thing that you should consider is its size. There are different sizes of tankless water heaters available in the market nowadays. The size that you are going to choose depends upon the size of your family. Figure out how many family members you have, and then make your purchase accordingly.

Fuel Type

The next important thing you need to make sure of is the fuel type of the tankless water heater. The best fuel types are electric and gas because both are great choices. Gas heaters are expensive, and they require a lot of maintenance in the long run as well. On the other hand, electric heat will be able to provide you with hot water in a large quantity at any time. The electric heater does not require much maintenance, which can be pretty convenient for you in the winter season.


Maintenance is an essential factor you should consider when choosing a tankless water heater. If you choose an electric heater, you will not need to perform much maintenance, but the same is not the case with the gas one. Instead, you will have to hire a professional to provide you services which can be as expensive as 130 dollars per service.

Tankless water heaters are the perfect solution nowadays because nobody likes to have traditional water heaters anymore. Tankless water heaters are instant and compact. You can easily install them in your home without any problem.

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