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Which Paint Finish is Best for Your Home?

Not all homes are equal. Some rooms are dark, and some take a heavy-duty hit from the family. Some homes need that touch of class, and others will need a scrub down regularly. The paint finish that best suits your home will depend on the demands you put on it. Here we explore whether you should be using flat, matte, gloss, or other and whether this needs a brush, sprayer, or roller for best application.

Here we offer a quick guide to delivering the perfect finish for your home.

Rustic but not too rustic

Older homes have a lot of imperfections in the walls and surfaces. While accentuating these imperfections can be a style choice, it is only appropriate up to a point. The high the shine of the paint, the more of these bumps and nicks will show.

The best paint finish for such homes is perfect for camouflaging the worst of the dinks and dents of age. The chalky finish is also perfect for the rustic look.

While it might be tempting to get out the paint sprayer, old homes are rarely straight and even. Using a roller to apply this flat finish paint in well-worn rooms will also prove frustrating and you may end up touching up with a brush. Be prepared to put in the hard work to get the finish you want in your older homes.

When the kids and dogs get loose

Family homes are prone to wear and tear, and walls often need a good clean down. Whether it is the crayons or food spills of youngsters or dogs shaking after a wall, a slightly glossier finish will give you the option to wash the walls now and then.

You could use matte paint if it is an occasional clean, such as in a guest room or bathroom, but such paint won’t stand scrubbing without lifting off. This paint is a common choice for walls in the home and can cope with a light wash. However, if your walls take a battering, it is always best to go for eggshell paint. It dries with a slight sheen, like the shell of an egg, and can deal with a wash down.

However, if you have a heavy traffic room or somewhere like a kitchen, where the walls might need a good scrub, then you might want to consider a satin finish. While the satin finish is more often used for door frames and skirting boards, it can be used on walls when a good clean is needed.

A darker room

Satin paint is another great option for dark rooms. It will reflect the small amount of light you might get back into the room. However, beware; the glossier the paint, the more imperfections will show. If you use satin paint on walls, it is generally best to apply it with a sprayer for a more even finish.

If your room is particularly dark, you could also paint the ceiling in semi-gloss or satin paint. This tip comes with a warning, as the ceiling really needs to be a perfectly flat surface to get away with it. The shine of the paint clearly reveals any cracks that might appear. The best tip for ceilings is to purchase high-quality paint, so you don’t have to paint too often.

Choosing the right tools for the job

Oftentimes, sprayers offer a more slick, finished look, and are very quick too. Use this if you have a large expanse to cover.

However, some homes are smaller, or you may be only painting one wall or room. In this case, you can use a roller for a good finish. You can then use a brush for cutting in at the edges and for any detailed work. Be careful, though: If you are using a semi-gloss paint to reflect light back into a dull room, using a brush won’t create the perfect finish. Instead, try sprayers and rollers.

As with any job in the home, getting the right finish is about buying the right materials for the look you want.

Overall, painting the home is a time consuming process, and one you want to get right the first time. By choosing the right finish and type of paint, you’ll be sure that your work will not go to waste, or need topped in a few months rather than years.

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