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Gardeco Chimenea Cover. How to Buy Them?

Winters are just around the corner and we all need to set up our fireplaces or chimenea to enjoy the warmness of the air. But before we throw a match to the logs it is important to evaluate the shape of the fireplace or chimenea. This way we save ourselves a lot of time and energy. It is also highly essential to know the chimenea cap installation and how we can buy it if we know the details.

To make sure that the fireplace is working all set we need to know what chimenea cover or cap is and you can  visit garden and patio gardeco chimenea uk to know details.

A chimenea cap or cover

A chimenea cap is like a protective covering in the form of steel or copper. It is like a meshwork which covers the chimenea from damage. You can find chimenea covers in a great variety and shapes. And these are made to match the style of your chimenea in the house. The purpose of the cap is to prevent water from entering the chimenea. If rain enters inside it there are high chances that it will destroy the mortar machine and the liners along with dampers. Therefore, to avoid this issue chimenea cap installation is important.

Keep the animals away

Another reason to opt for chimenea caps or covers is to protect the animals and their babies falling into the fireplace through the chimenea. Baby bird’s or raccoons set up their nest when the season is cozy and when you lit up the chimenea there is a possibility that it will catch fire or kill the poor animals. This is why installation of chimenea covers is important. It prevents your home from becoming humid and also protects the pets from unwanted fire or danger. Therefore, it is recommended for the ones who have chimenea at home.

Block downdrafts

Another great reason why we need caps to cover up the chimenea is to prevent or block downdrafts. Chimenea is not like a one-way air passage. It does not only let the air out but during windy season the air can enter in through the chimenea as well. This way when the fireplace is not lit up it will cause the wind to enter the house and your house will become chilly. Or if the fireplace is lit the wind can blow away the fire as well. This way we all need caps to cover up the chimenea.

How to buy these?

If you wish to buy one, visit the garden and patio. There are few things we must consider while buying caps.

  • Measurements

All chimenea are not of the same size or shape. Therefore the caps are also of different sizes as well. It is best to measure the length and width of the chimenea and keep a pen and pad to jot these down. In the case of a square flue take measurements outside of the chimenea but with a round flue measure the diameter to ensure proper readings and then buy a cap.

  • Secure it properly

Next thing to see is whether the cap is secured enough or not. Some caps come with a security or support system and require screws for attachment. But others can easily get in and they can also slide out easily in the windy season. These can damage your house badly. So do not secure the caps yourself rather for professional help to get rid of future issues. Help can save you long-term money and cash. You will easily get rid of this problem. Otherwise go for caps that require screws for attachment to the chimenea of your house.

  • Mesh size

Every chimenea has a mesh that keeps the dirt out and prevents it from getting in. but every chimenea has its size and mesh size also varies in this case. Therefore measurements of mesh are very important.

  • Opt for draft control

Before you buy a cap for installation you must check the condition of your house and then see and evaluate how much security is needed or not. The caps must fit the pipe sizes so that there is proper draft control otherwise issues can rise up greatly and you will be occupied by that. So ensure draft control.

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