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Consider a Home Warranty Before You Need One

If you’re in a new house, your home’s systems and appliances are likely in great shape. Thus, you probably aren’t thinking about buying a home warranty. However, a warranty is one of those things that you should purchase before you actually need it. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy all the benefits. Read more below to find out why now’s the ideal time to purchase from the best home warranty companies.

Tomorrow Might Be Too Late

First, you can only protect appliances and home systems that are in good working order at the time you purchase the warranty. In other words, if you wait until an appliance breaks down, it’ll be too late to purchase coverage for it. Instead, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for coverage, which can be quite costly.

You can avoid this problem by purchasing coverage today. Also, you can buy a policy that covers pre-existing, undetectable conditions. Then, if your appliances or home systems are on the brink of a breakdown but you don’t know it, you can still file a successful claim.

You Can Stay on Track With Maintenance

Home warranty companies often only cover appliances and home systems that have been properly maintained. If you wait to buy a policy until the appliances and systems are near the end of their lifespans, you might be way behind on maintenance. Unfortunately, that might mean it’s too late for you to buy a plan.

However, buying one now will make it much easier for you to comply with the policy’s terms and conditions. You’ll know what you need to do to keep the warranty intact, so you can stick to your maintenance routine.

You Won’t Have to Handle Repairs Yourself

Most homeowners will tell you that repairs can seem so constant that it’s hard to keep up. This is especially true for those who don’t have the experience, knowledge, or time to handle a steady stream of repairs.

By getting a home warranty before you need one, it’ll be in place when things start breaking down. That means you’ll never have to worry about developing do-it-yourself skills or finding the time for these projects. In fact, tackling your projects yourself can invalidate the warranty, so make sure you leave repairs to the professionals once you have your policy in hand.

It’s Another Piece of the Financial Protection Puzzle

New homes have various financial protections in place. First, you likely have a builder’s policy if you built the house. This policy generally lasts a year and covers defects in labor and materials.

Additionally, you have a homeowner’s insurance policy to cover losses from natural disasters and other events. It can even protect you from lawsuits if someone’s hurt on your property.

Finally, a home warranty provides the final piece in the financial protection puzzle. This policy covers repairs and replacements due to normal wear and tear. You don’t get that coverage with the builder’s or homeowner’s insurance policy, and it can save you a bundle of money.

For instance, assume that your hot water heater breaks down and needs to be replaced. The job could easily cost $1,000-$3,000 if you pay out of pocket. However, it’ll only cost a small service fee with a warranty.

Budget With Ease With a Home Warranty

If you just moved into a home, budgeting is likely a priority. Buying a house is expensive, so you don’t want to have to deal with any unexpected costs. Fortunately, budgeting is a breeze with a home warranty. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars at once for an unexpected replacement, you can pay an affordable monthly or annual deductible. Then, you’ll just have to submit a small payment for the service fee when filing a claim.

It’s so easy to balance the books when you have a strong idea of how much you’ll spend one month after another, so consider getting a warranty while your appliances and home systems are still in good condition.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Putting off buying a home warranty is a dangerous financial decision. Your appliances and home systems could break down next week or month, and you’ll end up having to pay full price to repair or replace them. Thus, enjoy financial security, peace of mind, and protection by buying a warranty today.

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