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8 Reasons to Choose Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood, as the name explains, is a wood that is retrieved from its original place and reused to add more charm to a place. Tiles or marble, nothing can compare to the beauty and aesthetic of wood. This wood previously could be part of an abandoned barn, or you could buy it from a lumber company. There are many reasons why people choose reclaimed wood flooring and the top 8 ones are mentioned as follows:

  • Helps the Environment

By using the old, reclaimed wood, you reduce the demand for wood harvested from the forests. Over the years, the forests have shrunk because the trees are continuously cut down to meet the increased demand for timber. These trees are not just a source of wood but homes to a lot of species. When you take down trees and forests, you are disrupting an entire ecosystem.

  • The Character of Natural Wood

Reclaimed wood goes through an entire process through which it is preserved. But during the process, none of its original characteristics are altered. The properties like beauty and ageless distinction make this wood unique. Each panel you install will tell a story of its own; it could be part of a barn or a bridge that no longer exists.

  • Durability

Reclaimed wood is highly durable and stable. Since these are extracted from buildings, bridges, and barns built decades ago, the quality is far distinct from what we have today. One primary reason for the strength of this timber is that back in those days, there was far less pollution and irritants in the air, which today affect the quality of the wood.

  • Old Growth Timber Not Available Anymore

“Old-growth” refers to wood that has naturally aged and matured. The trees in the old times grew denser and stronger due to environmental factors. We also have regulations in many countries that restrict the cut down of old-grown timber, making it impossible for companies to get their hands on it.

  • The Old Charm

The charm of old and worn-out wood is unmatched. Over the years, people have tried to artificially wear out wood to make it look like reclaimed wood but have failed for the most part. The natural lines and the story that each curve tells are precious.

  • Wider Planks of Wood

As we have already established, reclaimed wood is much stronger than any other manufactured wood, which means it may come in wider planks. The wider the plank, the more unstable it can be but that is not the case with reclaimed wood. You can have more options for your flooring with reclaimed wood flooring.

  • Rare and Exotic

Wood can add value to your property. These are many exotic and rare wood types that are now protected by law and regulations but reclaimed wood can add that charm to your place.

  • Giving life to Old Wood

If you are an environmentalist and believe in conserving, this is the best option for you. So much wood is taken by demolishing buildings in the US alone, and if that can be used, it will save money and the environment.

These are just the 8 top reasons for using reclaimed wood flooring. Adding wood flowing adds another dimension to your room.

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